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"Raise the flags for freedom," says rapper Sacramento Knoxx

Video from Detroit MC supports campaign to boycott Israel.

Watch: A global hip-hop call for Israel boycott

Hip-hop artists from several countries have released a track lending their voices to the boycott of Israel.

Why Taglit-Birthright doesn't deserve hip-hop

The organization dedicated to indoctrinating young Jews with chauvinistic Zionism is now planning “hip-hop trips.” It’s a travesty.

Thanks, Stanley Jordan, for pulling out of Israeli jazz fest

By heeding pleas from “boycott Israel” campaigners, the guitarist has proven that his artform is democratic.

Will Israeli apartheid steal Stevie Wonder's soul?

Stevie Wonder’s announcement that he will play at a fundraiser for the Israeli army flies in the face of a really brilliant legacy.

The Chili Pepper paradox: how can Pussy Riot supporters embrace Israel?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers weren’t always into crossing picket lines. And if they’re not careful, they’ll find themselves behind the trend.

The "pop-washing" of apartheid? Veolia sponsors "green" music festival

Lollapalooza isn’t the only cultural cover that Israel’s apartheid system is getting abroad.

The latest reason to boycott the Red Sea Jazz Festival

This year’s jazz fest will be covering up what some may call a new low for Israel.

Morrissey's "big mouth" silent on apartheid

Morrissey’s former reputation as an anti-racist is completely undeserved, and his agreement to play in Israel confirms this.
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