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Adam Milstein: Documents he hoped you'd never see

Adam Milstein at a White House function where Michelle Obama appears to avoid him

Adam Milstein, the far-right donor whose secret gifts to UCLA student politicians has sparked a firestorm, has a few more secrets to hide

Rudoren: I did not have journalistic relations with that censor

New York Times bureau chief Jodi Rudoren claims that the story of Hadar Goldin, the Israeli soldier captured in Gaza, constituted her first “encounter with Israel’s military censor”. However…

Drop in SodaStream stock linked to Scarlett Johansson controversy, boycott

A report by Bloomberg linked a decline in the price of SodaStream shares to ongoing boycott campaigns. Comparing the stock’s performance to a timeline of key events suggests Bloomberg was right to do so.

New York Post reports on Scarlett Johansson SodaStream statement that never happened

Scarlett Johansson
The New York Post and other outlets report that SodaStream brand ambassador Scarlett Johansson has “casually dismissed” issues raised by boycott activists. There’s just one problem: Johansson has yet to issue any such statement.

Hillel International faces crisis as Swarthmore chapter rebels against its Israel guidelines

Swarthmore College
Swarthmore Hillel declares that it will not adhere to umbrella group’s policy banning criticism of Israel; Hillel International responds with threats as its legitimacy is called into question.

Pension giant TIAA-CREF drops Veolia from Social Choice fund

Under heavy pressure from human rights activists, pension giant TIAA-CREF has divested a $1.2 million stake in Israel occupation profiteer Veolia from its Social Choice fund.

Anti-Palestinian group StandWithUs solicits photos of “Zionist Halloween costumes”

StandWithUs tweet soliciting photos of Zionist Halloween costumes
Anti-Palestinian advocacy group StandWithUs, recently revealed to be masquerading as “apolitical arts group” Creative Community for Peace, is asking for photos of “Zionist Halloween costumes” on Twitter.

An activist's guide to live tweeting

Attendees live tweet from the 2012 National Students for Justice in Palestine conference
This guide will help you or your organization generate the best live tweets possible in the shortest amount of time.

Anti-divestment bill defeated at UCLA

SJP at UCLA logo
The UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council voted down a resolution that threatened the ability of students to pursue divestment from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation.

ADL issues 2013 list of top 10 "anti-Israel groups"

There are some surprising inclusions and omissions on the Zionist group’s latest list.


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