Laila Al-Arian

Day 264 roundtable: The night won't end

Nora Barrows-Friedman delivers the latest news highlights (01:12); Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines executive producer Laila Al-Arian talks about her documentary The Night Won’t End (28:25); Jon Elmer delivers resistance report on the ongoing defense of Rafah (01:17:19); Group discussion on topics including Israel’s irrational threats for an expanding war against south Lebanon, and the Israel lobby’s influence on US politics (02:27:23). 

EI's Ali Abunimah on Arab uprisings at Al-Awda convention

The Electronic Intifada co-founder Ali Abunimah participated in last week’s Annual International Al-Awda Convention in Anneheim, California. Anayat Durrani reports for the Egyptian publication Al-Ahram Weekly, “A major focus of the convention was the Arab people’s mass uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa and their relevance to the Palestinian struggle.” Ali Abunimah told the conference: