Israeli director Yariv Horowitz must retract false claim of anti-Semitic attack says Aubagne film festival

The Aubagne International Film Festival has called on Israeli filmmaker Yariv Horowitz to retract the claim, widely reported in Israeli media, that he was the victim of a vicious anti-Semitic beating by “Arab youths” that left him unconscious while he was present at the festival earlier this month. 

BBC's Palestine hoaxer Paul Martin tries to cover his online tracks

Paul Martin is a BBC-linked journalist who I exposed as a fraud last month, in a major investigative feature. Although a freelancer, Martin has been described by Newsnight as “our correspondent” at least once. The problem is that Martin has a bad habit of using false identities and making up stories, as my article showed. Since this story got out, Martin (whose real name seems to be Paul Cainer) has been trying to cover his tracks.