Watch the film Labour MPs didn’t want you to see

The official online debut of the new film WitchHunt has arrived, and you can watch the entire thing in the video above.

The film has faced severe censorship, including a bomb threat which successfully canceled one preview.

It tells a story about Israel’s alliance with the global far-right that Israel’s supporters would rather you not hear.

Acclaimed British directors Mike Leigh and Peter Kosminsky have praised WitchHunt.

Leigh said it “exposes with chilling accuracy the terrifying threat that now confronts democracy.”

Kosminsky said it “packs a powerful punch” and is “telling a story we just aren’t hearing at the moment.”

Last month, left-wing member of Parliament Chris Williamson was suspended as a Labour Party member – after a long campaign by Israel lobby groups against him.

Williamson had booked a room in Parliament on behalf of the group Jewish Voice for Labour so that WitchHunt could be screened.

But it was canceled after the Labour leadership came under severe pressure by right-wing and pro-Israel Labour MPs.

Unless Williamson’s Labour suspension is reversed before the next election, the move will make it hard for him to return as an MP.

Manufactured outrage

A source in Parliament told The Electronic Intifada that the ringleader of much of the outrage against Williamson was Ruth Smeeth.

Smeeth is a former professional Israel lobbyist who, since becoming an MP, has continued to receive donations from prominent Israel lobby funders.

A few days before his suspension Smeeth announced to a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party that a room had been booked to show the film.

This caused the sound of “250 voices doing a sharp intake of breath,” according to our source.

Smeeth told the gathered MPs that she didn’t know who’d booked the room, but threatened that, “I can assure you that I will find out.”

According to our source in Parliament, Smeeth’s announcement to the Parliamentary Labour Party resulted in howls of outrage, including “Shame!”, “Disgraceful!” and, sarcastically, “Well done Chris!”

None of these MPs had even seen the film, as it had not been released at the time.

Their “outrage” was down to the central role in the film played by Jackie Walker.

Far-right alliance

Walker is a Black and Jewish anti-racist activist.

Her opposition to Zionism, Israel’s state-sanctioned ideology, plays a key role in the film, as does her likely expulsion by Labour later this month.

But WitchHunt takes a far wider view than Walker’s case alone.

It puts the entire, years-long, manufactured “Labour anti-Semitism crisis” campaign into its correct global context.

As the film’s narrator argues in its conclusion, the fact that far-right European governments and parties today are growing ever closer to Israel shows a “convergence of fascist and neo-Nazi groups with hardline Zionists.”

As a worrying UK example of this, the film cites anti-Muslim fascist leader Tommy Robinson’s recent trip to Israel and funding by anti-Palestinian groups.

“This natural alliance may now be part of a more coordinated common cause” of the far-right and Zionism around the world, the film’s narrator argues.




Thank you so much for your work in getting this film to Electronic Intifada readers. I suppose that many people in the US (like me) don't hear much about similar struggles in the UK.


We saw this film Witch Hunt we recommend everyone to see it! Torah Jews will continue to inform the world that Jews are not Zionists, We are loyal UK citizen and we have NO problem with Jeremy Corbyn and there is NO ANTISEMITISM in the Labour party!


Rarely do we get to see real time history, in an amazing documentary. Thank you all for bring the truth to the light of day. Award winning! A shout out for Humanity.


A much needed video that explains the dark forces behind the anti-semite smear campaigns by the media and the establishment. Jackie Walker is a courageous woman and an inspiration to all those who believe in justice and human rights.


Thank you for putting on this documentary. Truth - and context - will free us all. I donated proudly.

Asa and Jackie: steadfastness!


Trump moving the American embassy to Jerusalem should have made the alarm bells ring loud and clear. Too much foreign interference in British politics neo-fascism presents a very real threat to us all.


Compelling viewing.
I'm behind Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson all the way. If either of these two were to sue for libel the Labour party (and much of the media that lambasted them) would be bankrupt.


Thank you Ana Winstanley and Jackie Walker for your courageous stand against the 'establishment' within and outwith the Labour Party. The neo-liberal tendency, still dominant in the Parlaimentary Labour Party and controlling eschelons of the trade union movement are preventing the move towards progressive participatory politics and governance in the UK. The (false) use of anti-semitism to justify, cover-up and divert attention from the ongoing genocide of the people of Palestine, supported by the current UK and US Governments. Everyone interested in fair open democracy needs to see this. Thank you so much.


I am deeply moved by this documentary. A heartfelt thank you for your commitment to the project. It is a wake-up call for all of us who wish to live in peace and harmony with others. Never again do we want racism and fascism to triumph again.
Thank you again.


Enlightening and disturbing this was an excellent insight into the current anti-semitism witchhunt orchestrated by the Jewish Labour Movement and Israel. I knew nothing about Jackie Walker before I watched this and now I am a fan. The rise of right wing groups is very disturbing and threatening to society as a whole. I was pro-Palestine before I watched this and am even more pro-Palestine after watching it. I am also pro freedom of speech which the implementation of the IHRA's definition of anti-semitism with the addendums on criticism of Israel has seriously infringed upon.


I've been truly sickened by the manipulation of the media by people and organisations that wish to attack those that oppose Israel's oppression of and violence against the Palestinians. This film is a beacon of light in a landscape of grey acquiescence. Imagine in the 80s, if the South African government accused those supporting the anti-apartheid movement of being anti-South African or racist against White South Africans as a response? Because the parallel of that appears to be what is taking place in front of our eyes. This type of twisted labyrinthine misdirection leads to a truly compromised and dangerous end point. More than that; it should be unthinkable in our society to see any Jewish person openly supporting far right leaders simply because those groups are anti-Islamic. Isn’t this where the real racism is occurring? And meanwhile the media is focusing in the other direction at false flags and devoting hours and reams of attention on that misdirection. The media should be held as much responsible as anyone else on this.


Well done to Jon Pullman for writing and directing such an impressive and informative film.


I find the headline to be inacurate, surley it should read "SOME" labour MP's dont want you to see.


To maximise distribution of the film, I suggest you make it available for download.

Not everyone has time to watch a movie when the first encounter it. If they can save it, they can watch it at their convenience (e.g. while travelling), and forward it to others.


Great film...have already posted it on Facebook. However, if my memory serves me correctly, I picked up somewhere in the film that apartheid was in the 'process of becoming'. When I read Israeli historian Uri Davis's "Apartheid Israel", a thorough analysis of Israel's Basic Laws, it seemed to me he pretty much made the case that from its inception, due to its deliberate discriminatory structure to anyone not Jewish, the state was already a fully blown apartheid state. Apologies if I misunderstood, or misheard, a reference to apartheid in the film. But I do think it is high time we stopped referring to apartheid as something Israel is in danger of becoming. It's already there.


Excellent. But Noam Chomsky opposes the most effective worldwide movement against the brutal Israeli apartheid regime i.e. BDS. His reasons for doing so are totally unconvincing and wrong because there are no good reasons to oppose BDS. He's big on rhetoric but his opposition to BDS strongly indicates he is a gamekeeper - a pied piper of Hamelin - using his well-deserved credibility as a forthright activist against corporate-control of US governments, etc., to harm the BDS movement. Some of his other pronouncements about the JKF assassination and 9/11 also cast serious doubt on his very popular image as a towering intellectual who is fearless, truthful and an entirely reliable commentator on very important life-and-death issues.


Yes, I agree, when it comes to Palestine and condemnation of Israeli brutality towards Palestinians, Chomsky is an enigma. BDS is is a peaceful and effective way of showing solidarity with those who are being endlessly persecuted. Noam, WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?


Chomsky does not oppose BDS, though some of his critical statements have been used by Israel lobbyist to attack BDS. But I don't think its fair to assume malevolent motives to someone because of disagreements over tactics.
Here he was asked about cultural boycott - that is, whether international artists should appear in Israel:
‘I am opposed to any appearance in Israel that is used for nationalistic or other propaganda purposes to cover up its occupation and denial of Palestinian human rights. I’ve been involved in activities to hold Israel accountable for its international law violations since before the BDS movement took shape. While I have some tactical differences with the BDS movement, I strongly support the actions and continue to participate in them.’


Thanks for replying. Yes he has backtracked a bit on his previous strong opposition to BDS. Welcome of course but since BDS is the only effective worldwide weapon against the vile regime - adequately demonstrated by the regime identifying BDS as a major threat and a main enemy - strong support for BDS is vitally important. Noam's backtracking still falls a long way short of the strong support required - and gladly given wholeheartedly - by genuine supporters of justice for Palestinians.


Not that Israel or the US have any respect for international law, but I believe Norman Finkelstein (like Chomsky???) does not support BDS because there is some question as to whether or not an important objective of SOME sectors of BDS want to see the dissolution of Israel via a one-state solution. Finkelstein (like Chomsky???) is a firm supporter of international law, in this case UNSC 242 and 338, which set out the two-state solution as the articulated internationally legal position for a settlement and end of conflict. Of course, this is hard to stomach for people who know the history of the injustice of UNGA 181, 194, and even 273. In the latter, which gave Israel UN membership, Israel agreed it would implement 181 and 194, which it never has done. Personally, I am a supporter of one secular state for two reasons. First, it provides Palestinians with more historical justice than anything else up to this point, 'legal' or otherwise. Second, Israel has deliberately closed off any possibility of a two-state solution with its support for the massive colonial settlement of the 22% of Palestine alluded to in UNSC 242. But I tend to think that Finkelstein and Chomsky (my ??? are inviting your comment on what you know about him) tend to stick to the agreed to UNSC 242 as the only 'legal' solution...and if BDS came out in full and unequivocal support of 242, they would support BDS without any reservations.


Honest, balanced, intelligent, brilliant. Essential viewing. Of course they don't want us to see this film.


This just reflects my intuition throughout the past 3 years or so.
I cannot believe this mass-hypnotism with the public!
It does not take much brain and heart to see this in plain sight.
Worst thing is -it is so entrenched in the media that it sounds like a conspiracy-theory if you question it wholly. And it kind of is a sinister element within our political discourse, which perhaps is insiting the rise of it in society! Makes me shudder!
I don't hear any MPs (-def not the leadership candidates) chiming with this clear seeing of the subject-matter - but some must know! I think how cowardly they must be - as they were when Jeremy Corbyn was battered with absurd and twisted speech by the media and no one said anything very little! I would have gone incandescent with rage if I was Jeremy!

Thank you for Sane and Human film!

Asa Winstanley

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Asa Winstanley is an investigative journalist who lives in London. He is an associate editor of The Electronic Intifada and co-host of our podcast.

He is author of the bestselling book Weaponising Anti-Semitism: How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn (OR Books, 2023).