Video: Israeli soldiers run over Palestinian, attack medics

This video shows Israeli soldiers in a military jeep deliberately running over a Palestinian youth at high speed on Friday and then attacking medics and journalists.

Separately, on Saturday, Israeli occupation forces shot dead a Palestinian youth in the northern occupied West Bank.

The incident in the video occured during confrontations between Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian youths in the town of al-Bireh near Ramallah in the West Bank.

At about 30 seconds, the Israeli jeep can be seen heading at high speed directly toward a running Palestinian youth, and driving over him.

The videographer then approaches the stopped jeep and the victim of the attack can be seen lying on the ground injured.

Still shows Palestinian youth after he was deliberately hit by Israeli army jeep.

Israeli soldiers prevent Palestinian medics from treating him, violently shoving them and ordering them away.

The video was shot by Muhammad Shousheh of Jordan’s Roya TV.

Attack on medics

The Israeli gunmen then begin shooting pepper spray into the faces of medics and journalists.

Still shows Israeli soldier firing pepper spray against journalists and medics.

Palestinian medics can be seen suffering the effects of the chemical spray.

An Israeli soldier continues to attack the medics with pepper spray even as they evacuate one of their injured colleagues on a stretcher.

“Double violation”

Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) spokesperson Erab al-Furqaha told The Electronic Intifada that her organization’s medics ran over to the injured youth after he was hit by the jeep, “but the soldiers prevented the team from reaching him.”

She said the medics told the Israelis they wanted to provide first aid and would not prevent his arrest, but soldiers would not allow it.

Still shows Israeli soldier attacking a Palestinian medic with pepper spray as he attempted to assist an injured person.

“Five medics and volunteers were at the scene,” al-Furqaha said. “It is a violation of international humanitarian law to prevent medics from doing work and furthermore preventing the injured from getting medical care. This is a double violation.” 

The youth was arrested by the Israeli soldiers without being given immediate medical attention, said al-Furqaha, who believes he is being detained at Hadassah hospital.

“He was in a critical situation,” she added. “They should have brought their own medical team if they did not want to allow Palestinians to help him.”

The victim, named as Maher Ghanem al-Froukh, is said to be in stable condition.

“Gas until you die”

Another video reveals the gratuitously violent – and perhaps genocidal – mindset of Israeli occupation forces who invade Palestinian towns and villages.

It captures the sound of Israeli soldiers announcing over a loudspeaker to residents of Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem on Thursday that they would gas them until they die.

“People of Aida, we are the occupation army. If you keep throwing stones, we will hit you with gas until you die. The children, the adults, the elderly,” an officer states.

He repeats the threat a second time: “Go home or we will gas you until you die.”

Ma’an News Agency reported that after the announcement, occupation forces “fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets indiscriminately in the streets.”

“The use of force was so extreme that children from Aida’s two community centers and residents of nearby houses had to be evacuated to another part of the camp,” Ma’an added, “and at least one youth was taken to hospital with respiratory problems.”

“Alongside the disconcerting language used to inspire terror among the residents – the majority of whom weren’t involved in the stone throwing – the film provides evidence of a member of the Israeli army admitting to the potentially lethal application of tear gas,” Ma’an noted.

Palestinians have reported at least three deaths following tear gas inhalation in recent weeks.

They were Hebron activist Hashem al-Azzeh, 54, who died on 21 October, 65-year-old Huda Muhammad Darwish who died in occupied East Jerusalem on 19 October and 8-month-old Ramadan Muhammad Faisal Thawabta who died in Beit Fajjar village near Bethlehem on Friday. (Update: Defence for Children International – Palestine reported that medical sources said that the child’s death was not related to tear gas inhalation)

Youth shot dead

An image circulated on social media of Mahmoud Talal Mahmoud Nazzal.

On Saturday, Israeli occupation forces shot dead Mahmoud Talal Mahmoud Nazzal, 18, from the town of Qabatiya near Jenin in the northern West Bank.

Israel claimed the youth had attempted to stab one of its officers at al-Jalama checkpoint, Ma’an News Agency reported.

Israeli forces extrajudicially executed another teenager, 16-year-old Ahmad Muhammad Said Kamil, at the same checkpoint a week ago. Again, Israel claimed he attempted to carry out a stabbing.

Video captured the extrajudicial execution of Kamil, but did not show any attack.

Human rights groups have expressed alarm at Israel’s apparent policy of summary executions of Palestinians in circumstances where they clearly present no threat to its occupation forces or civilians.

On Thursday, video captured clear evidence of a war crime: Israeli occupation forces executed 23-year-old Mahdi Muhammad Ramadan al-Muhtasib in Hebron as the injured man lay on the ground.

Nazzal’s death on Saturday brings to 72 the number of Palestinians killed this month.

This number includes five Palestinians who died as a possible result of tear gas inhalation, delayed medical treatment due to checkpoints and medical neglect by prison authorities.

Nine Israelis have been killed in the same period.

Also on Saturday, thousands of Palestinians joined the funeral for 5 Palestinian children killed by Israeli occupation forces in Hebron in recent weeks in apparent summary executions.

Israel returned their bodies on Friday. Confrontations between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces erupted after the funerals.

At least four Palestinians were shot with live ammunition, Ma’an News Agency reported citing medical sources.

Charlotte Silver contributed reporting from Jerusalem.




The IDF are savages. They are comfortable and free with their brutality and their threats to gas Palestinians. Why does the world allow this to happen? Why am I required to have my hard earned money sent to commit war crimes in Israel?


It's hard to know where to begin in denouncing these cold-blooded murders. To deliberately run someone over and then attack the medical team trying to save his life is the epitome of barbarism. And it goes on every day. Are Americans receiving any of this news on their tv screens and in the daily papers? I can't believe they are, for even in the US a public outcry would erupt at such base criminality by the forces of the state.

Incidentally, I don't think the threat to gas everyone to death in the camp refers principally to the use of tear gas. It stems from an earlier set of historical atrocities embedded in the Zionist psyche, which forms the cornerstone of their policy towards "racial inferiors" today. The words "Gas the Arabs" have appeared increasingly as graffiti left at the site of attacks on Palestinians. The meaning ought to be pretty clear by now, in the context of ongoing genocide. Israelis have adopted much of the racist lexicon of Nazis, the policy objective of lebensraum, ethnic cleansing in the wake of conquest, and the steady application of measures tending towards a final solution to the "Arab problem". It's even become common to express against dissenting Jews the wish that Hitler had somehow been able to deal with them in his well-established way. When they invoke the image of gassing people, it's with the full import of that term.


The video of the soldier with large megaphone saying IDF will gas you all, kill all of you, children, the elderly, if you do not go home is the same thing Nazis said. The way they treat medics just shows how childish and cowardly they are. The Palestinians should march onto the Settlements and protest against every one of the 500 thousand illegally there. The time is overdue for a Palestinian Police force of their own, people should be pulling theses settlers out of their homes, at the least they should be able to Protest on the settlements without the IDF killing them. Keep going to the Settlements everyday and let the world see how cruel the IDF is. It is bad enough their Military is policing people which is against all normal laws in every country. All 500 Thousand of the settlers and counting should be protested against until they all leave. I feel as thou IDF will suffer in the future very badly if they continue down their Nazi path, a military uprising against them looks more and more just every passing day.