US convicts Arab community leader Rasmea Odeh

This week on The Electronic Intifada podcast:

  • Palestinian American community leader Rasmea Odeh convicted of immigration fraud in what her lawyer says was a political prosecution by the US government: an interview with reporter Charlotte Silver. (Read the full transcript)

  • Members of a recent African heritage delegation to Palestine talk about making the connections between liberation struggles in Palestine and in the US. (Read the full transcript)

  • News headlines from the last month in Palestine.

  • Music by Raast — “Yarmouk: When you’re born a refugee.”

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African Heritage delegation member Trina Jackson shields her face from tear gas, fired by the Israeli military, in the West Bank village of Bilin earlier this month. (Anthony Grimes)




Rasmae Odah's conviction was a rail road job. U.S. District Court Jude Gershwin Drain wanted her to be convicted. His instructions t o the jury titanically and after the trial made that very clear. He also prohibited relevant information from being presented, e.g. that she was tried by a military tribunal in Israel 45 yeas ago, that has a 99% conviction rate, and that she was raped and tortured in prison..

He ordered her held in jail immediately because she doesn't have a strong support system in Chicago and might be a flight risk, even though busloads of Chicago supporters attended all seven of the court sessions in Detroit.

Actually she is a political prisoner.

Nora Barrows-Friedman

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