Day 194 roundtable: Suffering and survival in Gaza

There’s no end in sight to the American-backed genocide in Gaza as each day, each hour, Israeli forces commit new atrocities, while subjecting the entire population to deliberate starvation with the aim of killing as many as possible.

On Wednesday’s livestream, we spoke to Aseel Mousa, a longtime contributor to The Electronic Intifada from Gaza, now in Cairo.

Aseel talked about her experience evacuating Gaza and her work as a journalist covering the last six months of this genocide.

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We were also pleased to welcome tech innovator and founder Paul Biggar back to discuss how Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is deeply complicit in Israel’s genocide.

He noted in his recent blog post that Guy Rosen, Meta’s chief information security officer, “is their most senior policy decision maker. He is Israeli, lives in Tel Aviv, and was in the Israeli military in Unit 8200.”

That Israeli cyberwarfare unit is behind the AI – artificial intelligence – programs Israel is using to accelerate its extermination campaign in Gaza.

Paul also gave us an update on Tech for Palestine, a coalition of thousands of people in the tech industry working towards Palestinian freedom.

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Jon Elmer took a look at videos from the resistance in Gaza and the West Bank as well as the Iranian missile counterstrike against Israel.

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Jon, Ali Abunimah, Asa Winstanley and I discussed Israel’s possible response to Iran’s counterstrikes, as well as Germany’s repression against activists, journalists, historians and physicians who were part of a conference on Palestine last week in Berlin.

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And I began with a roundup of news from Gaza and the West Bank over the last several days.

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With Ali Abunimah, Nora Barrows-Friedman, Jon Elmer, Tamara Nassar and Asa Winstanley




The large scale weapons shipments, the evil complicity in genocide, the shameless intervention on Israel's side at the Hague, and now the Stormtroopers raid on the Palestine Congress in Berlin deserve an answer:
It's about time to boycot Germany, and also to tell them why: the Goethe Institute (which is Ms Baerbock's public relations branch), all the German party-affiliated bogus-NGOs, their cultural events, and goods and services etc.


Ali is right that press coverage in e.g. Switzerland is much more narrowly pro-zionist than even that in the US: from left to right, including young socialists and 'alternative' parties, the Weekly Paper WoZ, and the right-wing NZZ and the 'liberal' Tages-Anzeiger, is a solid reinforced-concrete wall of anti-Palestinian nonsense. No media openness AT ALL.

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