Watch one Palestinian’s powerful call on Radiohead to cancel Tel Aviv gig

This powerful video by journalist Ali Al-Arian has a clear message for Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke: don’t normalize apartheid. Cancel your planned show in Tel Aviv.

“I remember at a concert in Paris, when I watched you perform ‘Everything in its right place’ with a Tibetan flag over your piano,” Al-Arian, a longtime fan, tells Yorke. “As a descendant of a stateless people, this act of solidarity spoke volumes to me.”

Al-Arian adds: “But almost instantly, another thought appeared to me: to support Tibet is to add your name to a cause that’s already fashionable. But would I ever see you do the same with a Palestinian flag? Would you ever support a people so oppressed that even mentioning their oppression could lead to being falsely labeled an anti-Semite, to being outcast?”

Radiohead, once known for antiwar and progressive stances, is facing growing calls from Palestinians and human rights defenders not to lend its name and reputation to help Israel burnish its regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid.

How will Yorke answer Al-Arian’s question: “Thom, which side of history will you be on?”




There is one way he could redeem himself if he does play in Tel Aviv: fly the Palestinian flag over his piano as he plays the same tune as he did for Tibet. No expectation that anyone has that kind of courage, but wouldn't it be wonderful. You never know. Palestinians have kept Hope alive for over a century since Power decided the fate of an entire people.


Dear Radiohead, stand up FFS or your words and music mean NOTHING.