Video: Interview with Hassan Hijazi who returned to Jaffa from Syria

This video clip on Youtube shows an interview on Israeli television with Hassan Hijazi, a resident of Syria who entered Israel through the occupied Golan Heights during the 15 May Nakba Day march. The interview is in Arabic with Hebrew subtitles and appears to have been edited by Israeli television. The translation below is by The Electronic Intifada:

Hijazi: I came yesterday from Syria by way of Majdal Shams. I saw some peace activists - one Jewish and some French Arabs. So I said to them, I want to come with you.

It’s been my dream to come to Jaffa because it’s my city. But I imagined that if I managed to do it, it would be with a march of a million people, like people were saying on Facebook.

Interviewer: Were you afraid of the police?

Hijazi: No, I was sitting next to an Israeli soldier. They seemed more frightened. I was sitting next to a soldier from the Golani Brigade on the bus, who are supposed to be the elite.

I do not care about Israeli law. I do not recognize something called “The State of Israel.” I am saying this in the heart of Israel, because even the Jewish people are fooled by something called “The State of Israel.”

So I imagine that just as there are people who say that there are Palestinians who don’t want to return here, or who want to go to Europe or America – there are Jews who don’t want to stay here, and want to return to their original countries.

Interviewer: Did the [Syrian] regime organize [the march]?

Hijazi: No, we organized the demonstrations though Facebook, and the regime at first was not willing, and we sent a number of representatives, until finally Hizballah pressured the Syrian regime to agree [to the march].

Interviewer: Is this a victory over Israel, or is this symbolic?

Hijazi: It’s symbolic, because in my opinion victory is delivered by armies.




In the Hebrew subtitles the last line reads: "I think it is symbolic because *the* true victory will be delivered by armies."