Two brand-new videos from Palestinian march of return at Majdal Shams

More video footage has emerged showing scenes of Israeli violence against Palestinian refugees crossing from Syria into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Sunday, 15 May. On Nakba day, Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and live ammunition at a mass march of Palestinian refugees who managed to walk across the militarized area. 

Video: Interview with Hassan Hijazi who returned to Jaffa from Syria

This video clip on Youtube shows an interview on Israeli television with Hassan Hijazi, a resident of Syria who entered Israel through the occupied Golan Heights during the 15 May Nakba Day march. The interview is in Arabic with Hebrew subtitles and appears to have been edited by Israeli television. The translation here is by The Electronic Intifada. 

New video shows Israeli soldiers firing as mass marchers enter Golan

New video published by the website jawlany.com shows Israeli forces in the occupied Golan Heights attempting to prevent hundreds of marchers crossing across the border fence from the Syrian-controllled side on 15 May 2011. Hundreds of residents of the occupied Golan Heights watch and cheer the marchers on, and some chant “Filastin Arabiyeh wal Jawlan Suriyeh” (“Palestine is Arab and the Golan is Syrian”).