Israel blows up Gaza ceasefire

I was on Al Jazeera’s Newshour on Monday night to discuss Israel’s assault on Gaza.

Israeli leaders have a pattern of sabotaging ceasefire agreements, leading to horrific spasms of violence, I told the network.

I also said that Hamas’ attack on an Israeli military bus Monday, after soldiers had disembarked, showed that the armed group intended to demonstrate its capabilities, while still exercising restraint and avoiding further escalation.

Watch the video above.

Israel carried out air raids across Gaza on Monday night with Palestinian resistance factions firing some 300 rockets into Israel in retaliation for an Israeli raid Sunday that killed seven members of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

One Israeli officer was killed as Palestinian fighters battled to resist the Israeli raid.

As it habitually does, Israel targeted civilian infrastructure in Gaza, among dozens of other sites it claims are linked to the resistance.

Palestinian media published images of an Israeli missile in Khan Younis that failed to explode, indicating the massive size of the bombs it is using.
On Monday, the health ministry in Gaza confirmed that six Palestinians had been killed and another 25 injured in the overnight Israeli air raids.

An Israeli man was killed after a rocket struck an apartment building in Ashkelon.

The Israeli attack on Sunday shattered ongoing efforts to achieve a lasting truce for Gaza.

Israeli media reported Tuesday that Palestinian factions had agreed to a ceasefire proposed by Egypt and that Egyptian and United Nations officials were due to visit the territory on Wednesday.

According to media reports, Palestinian factions had agreed to halt retaliatory rocket fire into Israel by Tuesday afternoon.

It remained to be seen if Israel’s security cabinet, which was due to meet Tuesday, would agree to return to the ceasefire that Israel violated.