Helpless Britons appeal to France for "regime change"

A group of British dissidents has appealed to France to invade the United Kingdom and bring about regime change. According to a spokeswomen at the Elysee Palace, French President Jacques Chirac received the request in a letter from a group of British exiles and “pro-democracy activists” calling themselves the “Free United Kingdom Movement” or FUKM, for short. BNN obtained a copy of the appeal in full. 

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day is a BNN feature which offers a photograph on a day, and calls it “Photo of the Day”. This is not to imply that this is a regular feature, nor that this photo is truly the mother of all photos for the day in question. Usual disclaimers apply. 

Potential "Free Jaggi" Campaign thankfully averted

As pro-Palestinian activists weighed how they should spend their coming weekend — writing to Congress to note the over 50 Palestinians killed in December, faxing the UN to protest the lack of action over the Israeli murder of aid worker Iain Hook with sniper scopes in broad daylight, or holding felafel bake sales to raise money to feed the Gazan children because of the Israeli starvers — many breathed a silent ‘thank fuck’ as Canadian activist Jaggi Singh was released from Israeli detention. BNN’s Najeeb Al-Anbarri reports from Qatar. 

When truth is funnier than fiction: The resistance of humour

It’s never really as bad as it looks on TV. It could always of course be much worse. The Intifada, or uprising, against Israeli military occupation with its curfews, siege, closures and general strangulation of Palestinian society, is also being done with humour. Here are a few quips picked up from people in their daily life under occupation, compiled by Ghassan Abdullah for BNN

Canadian Foreign Ministry issues warning to naturalized camel jockeys

Following up on warnings issued yesterday to naturalized Canadian citizens born in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan concerning their possible harassment, arrest, detention or deportation should they enter the United States of America, the Canadian Foreign Ministry today issued the following helpful checklist. Officials strongly urge that all Canadians unfortunate enough to have begun their lives as towel heads or camel jockeys consult this list before finalizing travel plans to or through the United States of America. 

Arbitration court dismisses Berlin's patent claims on Israeli wall

Klaus Wowereit, the governing mayor of Berlin, admitted today that a judge at the London Court of International Arbitration dismissed all patent claims raised by the municipality of Berlin last summer. Judge Hubert Dunn ruled that Berlin’s patent on the Berlin Wall was “generically and fundamentally different” from the wall now being constructed by Israel.