Salam Fayyad’s neo-liberal administration has pointed the finger at the Israeli occupation… while at the same time being fully dependent on it and even complicit on the security front.

Review: tortured optimism in Raja Shehadeh's "Occupation Diaries"

Sarah Irving
31 August 2012
Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority come under sharp criticism in Raja Shehadeh’s Occupation Diaries.

In the way of liberation

Nidal El-Khairy takes on the Palestinian Authority in his latest editorial cartoon.

Bubble in aid-dependent West Bank bound to burst, say economists

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
6 August 2012
The economic bubble in the West Bank will burst, and instead of working to remove Israeli restrictions, the Palestinian Authority continues to push for investments in the private sector.

How obsession with "nonviolence" harms the Palestinian cause

Linah Alsaafin
10 July 2012
Is it really “popular resistance” when Palestinians are sometimes outnumbered by Israeli activists at weekly demonstrations?

Palestinian family portrait

In Salam Fayyad’s neoliberal fantasy, Palestinians live normal lives despite the harsh realities of the Israeli occupation.

New book shows how the PA enriched an elite and normalized occupation

Mayssun Sukarieh
28 March 2012
Globalized Palestine: The National Sell-Out of a Homeland explores the rise of a new Palestinian elite that works together with international organizations against the will of the majority of its compatriots.

Transformation of Palestinian landscape focus of Designing Civic Encounter project

Emily Lawrence
25 February 2012
A new multidisciplinary project examines how Israeli settlements, a burgeoning neoliberal economy and loss of traditional heritage is quickly transforming Palestine’s landscapes and public spaces.

Stealing Palestine's resources is illegal, despite Israeli court ruling

Charlotte Silver
7 February 2012
Israel’s illegal acts of resource pillaging in the occupied West Bank are “benefitting” the Palestinian population, according to the Israeli high court.

A Palestinian political prisoner's take on Israel's protest movement

Ameer Makhoul
Gilboa Prison
5 October 2011
By not dealing with the root causes of the unjust system in Israel, the Israeli social movement wishes to make things less unjust rather than to change the system and the regime.


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