In the way of liberation

Ever since the Oslo agreement of the mid-1990s, the Palestinian Authority has failed as a national liberation project. On the contrary, it has served as a local police state in the service of Israel, thwarting any steps toward liberation by the people, and implementing neoliberal policies that drive Palestinians into debt. 


Mahmoud Abbas is the Chief Buthelezi of Israeli Apartheid in 17.2% of the West Bank (self-ruled bantustan Area A), an area equivalent to 3.5% of Palestine.

So what was all that bluster about at the UN by Abbas?
Yes, it was all bluster and no muster. He played the role of quisling perfectly.
What a pity the real Palestinian leader, Marwan Barghouti did not make the UN speech. But then I am sure Abbas would have opposed his temporary release.
He prefers to keep Marwan in the Ofer prison. This way he can accumulate millions for his escape to a villa in France when Israel is ready to implement 'The Final Solution' and eliminate all Palestinians from their Homeland.
Shalom/ Salamaat

He betrays all the Palestinian fighters who lie in their graves.
He should hang his head in shame.