Rami Almeghari

Egyptian song and dance lift Gaza weddings

Rami Almeghari
24 October 2010

Samara is the name of a new Palestinian-Egyptian dance troupe that has started a craze in the Gaza Strip. Rami Almeghari reports for The Electronic Intifada.

Boy used as human shield by Israeli soldiers speaks out

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
6 October 2010

Majid Rabah, age 11, had a broad smile on his face as he relaxed at his family’s apartment in the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza City on Monday, 4 October. He had just heard the news that the two Israeli soldiers who had used him as a human shield had been convicted of their crime in an Israeli military court. Rami Almeghari reports from Gaza.

Days before birthday, my son sees Gaza's horror

Rami Almeghari
30 September 2010

The Electronic Intifada reporter Rami Almeghari was in the hospital with his son, whose lips were being stitched up, when the victims of an Israeli air strike were rushed into the admissions room.

No reconstruction despite siege "easing"

Rami Almeghari
27 August 2010

Last week, nearly forty families who were displaced during Israel’s winter 2008-09 attacks on the Gaza Strip took over an abadoned, partially-built building in the Jabaliya refugee camp. Rami Almeghari reports for The Electronic Intifada.

"Like living in a big factory" in Gaza

Rami Almeghari
24 August 2010

”Uff, uff, uff, you can never get time to rest or sleep quietly and you can’t even work. Wherever you are, you hear sound of power generators which makes it seem we are all living in a big factory,” Ahmad al-Bar explained, expressing the frustration of many Palestinians in Gaza at the electricity crisis there, now going on three years.

Hamas creates volunteer program for Gaza's idle youth

Rami Almeghari
10 August 2010

Israel’s siege has had a disproportionate effect on Gaza’s youth. Over half of the Gaza Strip’s 1.5 million residents are under the age of 18, and thousands of young Gazans are unemployed. Hamas authorities in Gaza recently announced a voluntary employment program for Palestinian youth to get involved in their communities. Rami Almeghari reports from the occupied Gaza Strip.

Press freedoms fall victim to Fatah, Hamas disunity

Rami Almeghari
26 July 2010

The split between the the Hamas-run Gaza wing and the Fatah-run West Bank wing of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has overshadowed every aspect of public life, including, many rights groups have documented, infringements on press freedoms and the work of journalists. Rami Almeghari reports from Gaza for The Electronic Intifada.

Palestinians in Gaza denied PA passports

Rami Almeghari
18 July 2010

Amid all the obstacles preventing Palestinians in Gaza from traveling outside the besieged territory, Nidal Abdo faces an additional one. He needs a passport and despite five attempts to obtain one, he has so far failed. Rami Almeghari reports for The Electronic Intifada.

Despite Israeli blockade, innovation thrives in Gaza

Rami Almeghari
12 July 2010

The relentless Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip has squeezed many things, but it hasn’t robbed people of their ability and desire to innovate and invent. At the Rashad al-Shawa cultural center in heart of Gaza City, dozens of local companies and individuals recently demonstrated hi-tech products and inventions at an exhibition sponsored by government and nongovernmental bodies. Rami Almeghari reports from the occupied Gaza Strip.

National unity remains elusive under occupation

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
24 June 2010

Since the split between the Fatah and Hamas factions deepened after the latter stymied foreign-backed efforts to overthrow it in 2007 following its election victory the previous year, there has been much talk of restoring Palestinian unity. Such reconciliation has however so far eluded all efforts. Some analysts think it may have a better chance now. Rami Almeghari reports for The Electronic Intifada.


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