Rami Almeghari

Gaza youth still determined to welcome flotilla

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
7 July 2011
Gaza’s children are still planning a welcome ceremony for the Freedom Flotilla II, despite how Greece and other countries have connived with Israel to block its voyage of solidarity.

Student-built racing car shows Gaza ingenuity

Rami Almeghari
Khan Younis
29 June 2011
In the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, a team of vocational college students, with the help of two mechanical engineers, built a racing car — the first of its kind in the besieged coastal territory.

Gaza family exiled to Syria and Libya looks back

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
21 June 2011
Abdelhai al-Khaldi and his family were among hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced by the 1967 war, or who emigrated afterwards in search of work. Al-Khaldi and his wife spoke of their life of displacement to The Electronic Intifada contributor Rami Almeghari.

Egypt's "state security" still blocks Rafah exit from Gaza

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
26 May 2011
Last week, Palestinian officials at the Rafah crossing terminal in southern Gaza suspended work unilaterally for one day in protest of the Egyptian-imposed travel restrictions. Officials told The Electronic Intifada that dozens of travelers have been turned away by Egyptian officials on a daily basis for the last three months.

A bedouin refugee in Gaza yearns for home in Bir al-Saba

Rami Almeghari
13 May 2011
A shack made of aluminum sheets and wood, and a few cows and chickens are all that Suleiman al-Urjani, 45, owns in this world. It is the kind of dwelling that al-Urjani, his father Auda and their families have lived in since 1948 when the family was first displaced by Zionist forces from their original home in what is now Israel.

In Gaza, hope that words of unity will become real

Rami Almeghari
Gaza City
6 May 2011
Palestinians in Gaza poured into the streets of Gaza City on Wednesday to celebrate the signing of a national reconciliation agreement in Cairo that same day. But amidst the high hope was trepidation that unity aspirations would not be realized on the ground.

Siege brings Gaza's garment industry to a halt

Rami Almeghari
3 May 2011
The five-story building housing the now abandoned Hamdanco sewing factory is filled with machines gathering dust; it used to be the place of employment of 130 workers, including sewers and administrative staff.

Gaza protests murder of Italian activist

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
18 April 2011
Palestinians in Gaza have reacted to the kidnapping and murder of Vittorio Arrigoni, a prominent Italian solidarity activist, with profound sadness.

Woman killed in Gaza air strike was anticipating wedding

Rami Almeghari
14 April 2011


Jihad al-Qarra was eagerly anticipating his wedding to Nidal Qdieh later this month. But those plans were destroyed when an Israeli missile hit the Qdieh family home.

Israeli attacks on Gaza kill 5, injure 30

Rami Almeghari
7 April 2011


As Palestinians were preparing for their weekend this Thursday afternoon, all of a sudden barrages of Israeli artillery fire and air raids by warplanes struck several regions of the Gaza Strip.


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