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How school privatization hawks Teach For America promote Israel

Max Blumenthal
20 August 2013

Funded by ideological billionaires, Teach For America’s young corps are being indoctrinated with a pro-Israel message.

Zionists massacred Bedouins in 1948, threaten them again today

Nasser Rego
20 August 2013

The village of al-Araqib is a living testament to how the Nakba never stopped.

Canada’s double standards on Middle East sink to new low

Yves Engler
14 August 2013

Aiding projects linked to Hizballah is a criminal offense; aiding the Israeli military is considered an act of charity.

Why are Palestinians blamed for violence in Lebanon?

Moe Ali Nayel
9 August 2013
Scene shows youth on scooter riding past wall covered with poster and graffiti

Inflamed rhetoric by Lebanon’s media and political elite does not bode well for Palestinian refugees in the country.

The poetry of absence: remembering Mahmoud Darwish five years on

Sonja Karkar
8 August 2013
Portrait of Mahmoud Darwish illuminated by candles

Revered poet was nourished by exile but questioned how art can be made in “brutal times.”

Israel advises Sri Lanka on slow-motion genocide

Krisna Saravanamuttu
30 July 2013
Women wearing mock blood lie on ground surrounded by other seated women

Drones and police training are among the contributions made by Israel to the oppression of Tamils.

Mohammed Assaf: champion of the people or the powerful?

Reem Kelani
29 July 2013

Palestinian musician Reem Kelani explores the musical and political significance of an Arab Idol victory.

War in Syria highlights vulnerability of Palestinian refugees

Anne Irfan
29 July 2013
Youth walks in narrow alleyway where lots of electrical cables hang

With nobody to represent them, refugees will be in limbo until Palestine is free.

Helen Thomas: defender of democracy

Rosemarie M. Esber
Washington, DC
26 July 2013
Woman writes on notepad as man sits on desk

The recently deceased journalist lamented at how so many of her colleagues became stenographers, rather than interrogators.

Why are Egyptian media demonizing Palestinians?

Hanine Hassan
23 July 2013
A poster of Mohammed Morsi entangled in barbed wire, with soldiers in background

Egyptian elite’s turn against the Palestinian people has deep roots in the peace treaty with Israel.


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