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Biased new study skirts around racism in Israeli school books

Nurit Peled-Elhanan
12 February 2013

Western academics get offended when Palestinians use terms like “colonialism.”

Oscar-nominated films prove Israel is an apartheid state

Eli Ungar-Sargon
Los Angeles
7 February 2013

Both The Gatekeepers and 5 Broken Cameras offer evidence of Israeli racism, albeit from different perspectives.

Dershowitz's attack on boycott Israel campaign smacks of desperation

David Letwin
New York City
4 February 2013

Adherents of Zionism have few cards left, other than to smear rights activists with accusations of anti-Semitism.

Palestinian citizens wearily eye Israeli elections

Jonathan Cook
18 January 2013

The government formed after next week’s election could be even more racist towards Palestinians than the current one.

How the media let Israel get away with murder

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
17 January 2013

Reports on the killing of four young Palestinians in recent days were heavily reliant on Israeli military sources.

Why did a rogue group of Occupy activists smear me with "terror" claim?

Jaime Omar Yassin
16 January 2013

I was accused of “visually and biographically resembling” a man named as a “terror” suspect in a US State Department report.

BBC's cruel excuses for ignoring Palestinian hunger strikes

Amena Saleem
10 January 2013

The BBC cites bizarre criteria in defense of its refusal to cover protests in Israeli jails.

Israel's wall will destroy my birthplace, Battir

Hasan Abu Nimah
9 January 2013

A world heritage site is under threat from ongoing colonialism.

Can we find compassion for Israelis in 2013?

Ilan Pappe
4 January 2013

As the totalitarian right gains more power, there are few glimmers of hope in Israeli society.

How The New York Times erases Israel's crimes

Robert Ross
29 December 2012

Given the omissions in three recent Times articles, it’s no wonder so many Americans are in the dark when it comes to Israel.


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