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Why is a New York hospital being sacrificed for an Israel-backed science facility?

Terri Ginsberg
26 October 2012

Plans for massive science campus linking an Israeli and American university in New York City moving forward, despite opposition.

Israel's starvation diet for Gaza

Jonathan Cook
24 October 2012

Recently released documents reveal that Israel deliberately allowed much less food than was previously thought to have been imported into Gaza.

"Let us not be brought down": Last legal recourse for Holy Land Five

Noor Elashi
New York City
24 October 2012
Noor Elashi anticipates this week’s decision by the US Supreme Court whether or not to hear the Holy Land Foundation case, in which her father is a defendant.

Building bridges between struggles at upcoming student conference

Shirien Damra,
Sami Kishawi and
Danya Mustafa
20 October 2012

The second national Students for Justice in Palestine conference will connect, strategize, build and strengthen the student movement in the US.

EU support for Israeli crimes makes it unworthy of Nobel Peace Prize

Omar Barghouti
15 October 2012

Israel’s attack on Gaza was applauded by Europe’s most powerful leaders.

Let's unite our struggles to challenge legacies of US and Israeli ethnic cleansing

Aman Aberra,
Shifa Alkhatib and
Gabriel Schivone
11 October 2012

Israel’s law against equating its foundation with ethnic cleansing mimics Arizona’s ban on Mexican studies.

European Parliament must reject new trade deal with Israel

Annette Groth and
Tanja Tabbara
11 October 2012
Human rights are supposed to be at the core of all the EU’s activities. Why, then, is it boosting economic cooperation with Israel?

Ireland has a moral duty to ban goods from Israeli settlements

Stephen McCloskey
8 October 2012
While the Irish foreign minister has made some positive noises, more pressure is needed to bar imports of products from Israeli settlements.

Israel takes pride in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Bedouin villages

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
9 October 2012
Happy that their theft of the West Bank has succeeded, right-wing Israelis are turning their sights on the Negev.

Why Israel's "refugee day" is a smokescreen to deny Palestinian rights

Jonathan Cook
5 October 2012
Danny Ayalon’s new diplomatic efforts are designed to distract from — and further deny — the Palestinian right of return.


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