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Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism

Ilan Pappe
18 October 2013

It is imperative to reconnect to Jewish heritage before it was corrupted by Zionism.

Video: Israeli crowd cheers as Africans called "slaves"

David Sheen
Tel Aviv
8 October 2013

Politicians fan the flames of racial hatred.

The second intifada put holes in Israel's wall of fear

Budour Youssef Hassan
4 October 2013
Arabic-language banner features the portraits of 13 males shot by Israeli police

The September 2000 rebellion united Palestinians across geographical divisions.

Remembering Fouzi El-Asmar, poet of the Palestinian liberation struggle

Terri Ginsberg
New York City
1 October 2013

The writer paid particular attention to Palestinians in present-day Israel.

Israel's killing of five young Palestinians exposes "peace" talks as charade

Budour Youssef Hassan
24 September 2013

Why is it considered routine for an occupation force to invade a refugee camp?

Palestinian youth assert right of return with direct action

Nadim Nashef
11 September 2013

Palestinians vow to remain in their ancestors’ villages despite Israeli threats.

Israeli occupation leaves psychological not just physical scars

Alia Al Ghussain
11 September 2013

We need to focus more on the psychological war that Israel is waging.

New York tech university evasive about Israeli partner's role in arms industry

Terri Ginsberg
New York City
9 September 2013
Children gather on rubble of building hit in Israeli air strike

Cornell NYC Tech will not address questions about Haifa institute which develops technology used by Israeli army against Palestinian civilians.

Resist Israel's unjust system, don't operate within it

Linah Alsaafin and
Budour Youssef Hassan
7 September 2013

Recent protests against the expulsion of Bedouins indicate that some Palestinians are accepting the limits of liberal discourse rather than demanding national liberation.

Why does US government let Israel discriminate against Americans?

Mike Coogan
29 August 2013

New laws would mean that Israel is held to different standards than other nations in the Visa Waiver Program.


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