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Banging the drums of war: Christians United for Israel

Emily Lawrence
16 April 2013

With 1.3 million members, the Zionist group helps entrench pro-Israel discourse.

Israeli firms shed crocodile tears for Palestinian workers

Stephanie Westbrook
9 April 2013

Business owners omit salient facts when claiming that a boycott of Israeli goods will harm Palestinians.

We must never forget the massacre in Deir Yassin

Dina Elmuti
8 April 2013

Thirty-seven members of my grandmother’s family were killed by Zionist forces on 9 April 1948.

The right of return is a core issue for Palestinians; let's realize it

Raed Habayeb
4 April 2013

A conference in Boston this weekend will explore the practical steps towards achieving justice for Palestinian refugees.

BBC defends false claims linking Rachel Corrie to killings of Israeli soldiers

Amena Saleem
3 April 2013

The BBC misinformed its audience in covering the Rachel Corrie case.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has reneged on promises to Palestine

Amira Howeidy
21 March 2013

Egypt’s policies toward Gaza are a barometer of the country’s foreign policy independence since the fall of Mubarak.

The PLO has failed Palestinians; let's start again from scratch

Osamah Khalil
21 March 2013

We won’t achieve democracy with a movement that’s not democratic.

Guerrilla research exposes sponsors of Israeli apartheid

Therezia Cooper and
Tom Anderson
20 March 2013

Christian “charity” found to be supporting illegal settlements.

Obama won't bring peace to Palestine

Miko Peled
19 March 2013

The US will continue to pay for Israel to do what it wants.

Bogus anti-Semitism smears against Muslim students at Harvard during Israeli Apartheid Week

Alex Shams
13 March 2013

“Eviction notices” posted on dormitories intended to raise awareness of demolitions faced by Palestinians, not to target Jews.


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