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Jailing of Palestinians who tackled Israeli killer shows courts serve apartheid

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
10 December 2013
Men wearing checkered scarves hold banners outside court house

Judge effectively rubber-stamps request from state.

Theses on Zionism

Joseph Massad
9 December 2013

Anti-Zionists have interpreted the Zionist project; the point however is to undo it.

“We don’t have the luxury to wait” for Israel to change on its own, says Ilan Pappe

Frank Barat
8 December 2013

Campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions is “as good as it gets,” according to the Israeli historian.

Nelson Mandela leaves a legacy of struggle

Adri Nieuwhof
6 December 2013
Middle-aged man holds photo of Mandela in front of heavily armed Israeli soldier

The late South African leader was long a supporter of the Palestinian cause.

Wake up John Kerry, a global intifada is erupting

Miko Peled
3 December 2013

A free Palestine is on its way, so the US secretary of state should stop impeding it.

Eight questions Palestinian queers are tired of hearing

Ghaith Hilal
27 November 2013

We’ve had enough of lazy journalism and stereotypes.

In Israel, Canada embraces the racism it abolished at home

Yves Engler
29 November 2013
Benjamin Netanyahu and Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper will speak at the Jewish National Fund this weekend, an organization intimately tied to Israel’s laws that discriminate against its non-Jewish citizens.

Solidarity saved me from the Nazis; that's why I fight Israeli apartheid

Suzanne Weiss
26 November 2013
Palestinian women shout during a demonstration

We should all support the international day of action against Israel’s Prawer Plan.

The taboo on boycotting Israel has been broken

David Lloyd
26 November 2013

The American Studies Association’s meeting showed that the time of fear of debate over boycotting Israel may be over.

Why we must boycott Israeli universities

Colin Dayan and
David Lloyd
22 November 2013
Boys sit at school desks in room lit with candles

The right to education can’t be afforded to Israelis and Americans but not to Palestinians.


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