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The Palestinian struggle is a black struggle

Susan Abulhawa
11 June 2013

Reciprocal solidarity means we should seek our natural allies among the “wretched of the earth,” says Palestinian author Susan Abulhawa.

Imagination has no substitute: reflections on PalFest in Gaza

Susan Abulhawa
7 June 2013

A literature festival reminds us that that Palestine is a place of miracles.

When Israel compensated Germans for land in Palestine

Rosemarie M. Esber
Washington, DC
5 June 2013

Unlike Palestinians, a number of Germans uprooted by Zionist forces in 1948 have received restitution.

Israeli "social justice" movement ignores racism

Patrick O. Strickland
30 May 2013

J14 is back on the streets — and still refusing to campaign against abuses of Palestinian rights.

Why aren't Israeli F-16s over Beirut headline news?

Moe Ali Nayel
24 May 2013

When Israel claims to shoot down a drone, it is front-page news; when Israel invades Lebanese airspace, it is unreported.

J Street's pipe dreams of peace

Miko Peled
22 May 2013

A prominent Israel lobbyist hears “talk of peace” in the air; what air is he breathing?

Israel and Mexico swap notes on abusing rights

Jimmy Johnson and
Linda Quiquivix
21 May 2013

Military cooperation between Israel and Mexico has risen sharply in recent years.

Palestinian refugees are not at your service

Moe Ali Nayel
17 May 2013

Translator Moe Ali Nayel was shocked by the arrogance of a recent group of Harvard students interviewing in Sabra refugee camp.

Dutch probe sends warning to firms abetting Israel's crimes

Salma Karmi-Ayyoub
16 May 2013

A three-year probe may not have led to a criminal prosecution but it shows that cooperating with Israel carries that risk.

Porto Alegre is Palestine's friend, so why has it embraced Israel's war industry?

Jamal Juma'
16 May 2013

One day after visiting Palestine, Brazilian politician Tarso Genro signed a deal with Israeli arms firm Elbit.


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