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How Israel's supporters are attempting to shut down boycott debate in UK unions

Asa Winstanley
27 December 2012

Lawsuit an indicator of the desperation of those who wish to undermine the Israel boycott movement.

BBC admits pandering to Israeli propaganda

Amena Saleem
14 December 2012

In an email message the UK’s broadcaster acknowledges that it presented Israeli claims as facts.

Canada's tax dollars aid Israel's divide and rule tactics

Yves Engler
14 December 2012

Reports that Stephen Harper’s government is about to stop giving “aid” to the Palestinian Authority should be treated with skepticism.

The dirty dozen: Israel's racist ringleaders

David Sheen
12 December 2012

Naming and shaming those most responsible for Israel’s persecution of African refugees.

Will Hamas squander its Gaza victory?

Hicham Safieddine
30 November 2012

Khaled Meshaal’s U-turns make him sound like a broken record of Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel's repression of Palestinian students reached new level during Gaza attack

Yara Sa'di
28 November 2012

Behavior of Israeli universities demonstrates academy’s support for state violence.

As Israel assaults Gaza, BBC reporting assaults the truth

Amena Saleem
16 November 2012

Shortcomings identified by 2006 independent report on BBC’s Palestine coverage exemplified over past few days.

Why Obama won't take on Israel

Jonathan Cook
15 November 2012

Thinking that the US president will alter his Middle East policy is fanciful.

Israel is responsible for "price tag" attacks, not just a few settler extremists

Philip Bato
7 November 2012

Settler attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank are routinely portrayed as the work of isolated extremists, but the reality is very different.

Druze youth faces jail for refusing to serve in Israel's army

Budour Youssef Hassan
30 October 2012

Musician and high school student Omar Saad insists that his viola is his only weapon in letter to Israeli leaders.


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