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Human Rights

"Ghost town" brought back to life in Hebron

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
31 December 2012

Despite constant harassment from Israeli soldiers and settlers, Palestinians have made good progress restoring the old city.

Thousands remain without water, power one month after attack on Gaza

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
26 December 2012

More than $1 billion worth of damage was caused by Israeli offensive in November.

Israel denies Bedouins right to elect representatives

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
24 December 2012

As campaign fever grips Israel, many of its Palestinian citizens are angry at being disenfranchised.

We will remain rooted here, says defiant father of Gaza boy killed by Israel

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
19 December 2012

Ibrahim Ashour and his family had temporarily returned to Gaza when Israeli bombs killed eight-year-old Muhammad.

Gaza fisherman jailed for serving Hamas coffee

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
18 December 2012

A restaurant worker who served officials in the Gaza administration has been abducted at sea.

"My brother is dying": an urgent appeal from family of hunger striker Samer Issawi

Malaka Mohammed
Gaza City
17 December 2012

Shireen Issawi speaks of the shock of seeing her brother in court.

Israel violates Gaza ceasefire deal by threatening fishermen, farmers

Gaza Strip
14 December 2012

Loudspeakers are used by the Israeli navy to intimidate Palestinians trying to make a living.

Gaza doctors rebuild medical center destroyed by Israel

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
11 December 2012

Fertility specialist can’t find equipment he needs in Gaza but feels he has no choice than to resume work.

Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike "until freedom or death"

Nour Joudah
11 December 2012

Palestinian political prisoners were put back on the agenda in 2012.

Did Israel fire chemical weapons on Gaza last month?

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
5 December 2012

Health workers have reported finding “abnormal symptoms” among the injured.


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