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Human Rights

Anti-Muslim slogans spray-painted on mosque in Palestinian town

Patrick O. Strickland
Baqa al-Gharbiyya
19 December 2013
Man walks in front of stone wall spray painted with Hebrew graffiti

Settlers are believed to have carried out “price-tag” attacks in Baqa al-Gharbiyya.

Prawer protesters beaten, threatened with rape by Israeli police in Haifa

Sawsan Khalife'
Shefa Amr
17 December 2013
Riot gear police wearing army type uniforms chase demonstrators

Young Palestinians describe abuse at Day of Rage demonstration.

Families seek refuge in school as flooded Gaza turns into “disaster area”

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
14 December 2013

Gaza a “disaster area” say UN officials, as hardships caused by historic storm compounded by power crisis and ongoing siege.

Palestinian prisoner's health worsens after 210 days of refusing food

Patrick O. Strickland
2 December 2013

Alaa Hammad has been tortured behind Israeli bars, his wife says.

Israel detains Palestinian leftist without trial

Patrick O. Strickland
18 November 2013

Even Israeli military court judge isn’t convinced that Ahmad Qatamesh should be behind bars.

Power cuts force Gaza's youth to study in dark

Gaza Strip
15 November 2013
Boys read by candle light

The Gaza Strip has no electricity for around half of each day.

Gaza farmers succeed in tending to olive harvest -- with international support

Joe Catron
Gaza City
13 November 2013

Workshops encourage Palestinian farmers to boycott Israeli goods and build a social movement.

US Christian Zionists plan to take over Palestinian university in Israel

Patrick O. Strickland
6 November 2013

Palestinians accuse Texas governor Rick Perry of jumping on an educational project in Nazareth to pursue a racist agenda.

Palestinian lawyer faces Israeli jail for "organizing demonstrations"

Patrick O. Strickland
31 October 2013
Women march and hold posters of political prisoners

Anas Barghouthi is well known for his defense of Palestinian prisoners. Israel wants to jail him.

Palestinians in Lebanon vow to continue protests against UN aid cuts

Moe Ali Nayel
29 October 2013
Landscape view of large patch of rubble in middle of refugee camp

Medical support for kidney patients severely affected by budget shortfall.


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