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Human Rights

Arab Bank mounts legal challenge against claims of aiding terror

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
9 July 2013
Men queue in front of bank building

A Jordanian bank accused of providing services to Hamas is petitioning the US Supreme Court.

Palestinians caught "between two fires" in Syria, says refugee

Patrick O. Strickland
5 July 2013
Couple carrying baby cross flooded street in war-torn camp

Opposition fighters expelled Palestinian refugee’s 86-year-old mother from Yarmouk camp home.

Palestinians sue US groups over support for settler attacks

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
3 July 2013

A complaint alleging that organizations supporting Israel’s settlements are aiding “terrorism” has been filed with a New York court.

Israel imposes new fuel restrictions on Gaza

Gaza City
2 July 2013

The only crossing for commercial goods between Israel and Gaza has been closed five times since the end of February.

Bias against Muslims rampant in “liberal” California

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
25 June 2013
Woman carries sign reading Stop Islamophobia

Almost 30 percent of respondents to a recent survey have suffered physical attacks.

Africans denied right to work in Israel

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Tel Aviv
25 June 2013
Portrait of smiling man

Health ministry inspectors recently poured bleach on food in a restaurant run by refugees.

Israel breaks pledge to allow imprisoned Gaza engineer family visits

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
24 June 2013

Still in solitary confinement three years after his abduction, Dirar Abu Sisi has suffered severe weight loss.

Tycoon Rami Levy eyes shopping mall for Israeli settlers

Rona Moran
18 June 2013
Man holds up sign reading "Boycott occupation and its products" in Arabic and English

A $27.5 million shopping center is being planned for the occupied West Bank.

Israel bars children over eight from visiting fathers in prison

Joe Catron
Gaza City
10 June 2013

After his eighth birthday next month, Obeida Shamali will be banned from seeing his dad.

We were sleeping when Israel attacked: Gaza remembers June 1967

Rami Almeghari
7 June 2013
Youths holding Palestinian flags stand in front of Israel's border wall and military jeep

Families in al-Maghazi refugee camp had to flee Israel’s tanks and warplanes.


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