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Israeli wake-up call service

So just because I wanted to contribute to “Al Bassaleh” (which I mistakenly thought was Arabic for “Courage” or “Chivalry” before Maureen told me that it’s the EI version of The Onion), I quickly want to jot down a thought before I go to sleep in currently-under-attack Gaza:

A friend just tweeted:

Embedded rich on Twitter

I loved it, such an excellent, free-of-charge service! So I was wondering if I can call up Israel and request a free Call-up BOMB at 8:00 AM to wake me up for work? Much more likely to wake me up than my lousy alarm!

A famous Palestinian proverb says: هم ببكي و هم بضحك

Ya3ni: A pain that makes you cry, and a pain that makes you laugh



you are beautifully brilliant! :D

The correct address to Yasmeen's blog is
and not what is published.
blogspot not blogpost

… we’ll get the correct link up