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The struggle for Palestinian rights is incompatible with any form of racism or bigotry: a statement by Palestinians

We the undersigned, as Palestinians living in historic Palestine and the diaspora, in the spirit of past statements, and in light of recent controversies, write to reaffirm a key principle of our movement for freedom, justice, and equality: The struggle for our inalienable rights is one opposed to all forms of racism and bigotry, including, but not limited to, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Zionism, and other forms of bigotry directed at anyone, and in particular people of color and indigenous peoples everywhere.

We oppose the cynical and baseless use of the term anti-Semitism as a tool for stifling criticism of Israel or opposition to Zionism, as this assumes simply because someone is Jewish, they support Zionism or the colonial and apartheid policies of the state of Israel - a false generalization.

Our struggle is anchored in universal human rights and international law in opposition to military occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid, something people of conscience of all ethnicities, races, and religions can support.

Finally, we call on people around the world to join us in a morally consistent stance that opposes racism and bigotry in all forms. An ethical struggle for justice and equal rights in any context entails zero tolerance for racial discrimination and racism anywhere.

Signed (in order of signature):

  1. Abir Kopty
  2. Danya Mustafa
  3. Nadia Hijab
  4. Shirien Damra
  5. Omar Barghouti
  6. Noura Erakat
  7. Remi Kanazi
  8. Andrew Kadi
  9. Dina Omar
  10. Sandra Tamari
  11. Maath Musleh
  12. Suleiman Hodali
  13. Dana Saifan
  14. Jess Ghannam
  15. Sami Kishawi
  16. Dalia Almarina
  17. Haidar Eid
  18. Samee Sulaiman
  19. Lubna Hammad
  20. Issa Mikel
  21. Dina Zbidat
  22. Esmat Elhalaby
  23. Linah Alsaafin
  24. Ramzi Jaber
  25. Randa May Wahbe
  26. Hilda Massoud
  27. Falastine Dwikat
  28. Jamil Sbitan
  29. Beesan Ramadan
  30. Alaa Milbes
  31. Tanya Keilani
  32. Adam Akkad
  33. Budour Hassan
  34. Ahmad Nimer
  35. Fajr Harb
  36. Susan Abulhawa
  37. Amira Dasouqi
  38. Lubna Alzaroo
  39. Samah Sabawi
  40. Ismail Khalidi
  41. Annemarie Jacir
  42. George E. Bisharat
  43. Sara Jawhari
  44. Amin Abbas
  45. Ali Abunimah
  46. Camillia Shoufani
  47. Dena Qaddumi
  48. Ramzi Kanazi
  49. Alaa Yousef
  50. Najwa Doughman
  51. Amal Atieh Jubran
  52. Mahdi Sabbagh
  53. Rania Jubran
  54. Amar Husain
  55. Omar H. Rahman
  56. Yazeed Ibrahim
  57. Zachariah Barghouti
  58. Nadine Darwish
  59. Rinad Abdulla
  60. Sana Ibrahim
  61. Rana Libdeh
  62. Huwaida Arraf
  63. Basil Farraj
  64. Riham Barghouti
  65. Jalal Abukhater
  66. Grace Said
  67. Wafai Dias
  68. Huda Asfour
  69. Musa Al-Hindi
  70. Halla Shoaibi
  71. Nada Elia
  72. Shafeka Hashash
  73. Linda Sarsour
  74. Nour Joudah
  75. Fadi Quran
  76. Rafeef Ziadah
  77. Muhammad Jabali
  78. Haneen Maikey
  79. Diana Alzeer
  80. Mouin Rabbani
  81. Zaid Shuaibi
  82. Sari Harb
  83. Suzy Salamy
  84. Diana Buttu
  85. Maryam Zohny
  86. Vivien Sansour
  87. Noor Fawzy
  88. Jackie Salloum
  89. Hatem Bazian
  90. Awad Hamdan
  91. Ahmed Moor
  92. Zahi Damuni
  93. Irene Nasser
  94. Sanah Yassin
  95. Sumia Ibrahim
  96. Hazem Jamjoum
  97. Selma Al-Aswad
  98. Dina Odetalla
  99. Ghassan B. Zidan
  100. Suheir Tannous
  101. Rasha Makhoul
  102. Nadia Saah
  103. Hana Awwad
  104. Salma Abu Ayyash
  105. Fatin Jarara
  106. Tamer Nafar
  107. Raneen Jeries
  108. Abbas Hamideh
  109. Tariq Shadid
  110. Abdelnasser Rashid
  111. Dina Kennedy
  112. Hani al-Masri
  113. Raja Zaatry
  114. Nadim Nashef
  115. Miryam Rashid
  116. Nada Khader
  117. Amani Barakat
  118. Leena Barakat
  119. George S. Hishmeh
  120. Kareema Saab
  121. Christopher Hazou
  122. Tahani Salah

Note: Late arriving signatures have been added since initial publication.


The struggle for our inalienable rights is one opposed to all forms of racism and bigotry, including, but not limited to, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Zionism, and other forms of bigotry directed at anyone, and in particular people of color and indigenous peoples everywhere.

Equal Rights and Justice!

…but I recognize the majority of names on this list.

Assuming I can add my signature in the comments section: G.B. Zidan

Venezuela- Palestine.
Canaán Association


Assuming it is open for other Palestinians to sign on: Selma Al-Aswad

Diaspora Jews/Israelis and Palestinians are brothers/sisters, and are much more closely related than people would care to admit. I pray that one day that we can overlook our differences, recognize our similarities, and live together in a land we both hold dear.

That would be truly wonderful.

This is a really impressive, thoughtful statement. It stands as a testament to the strength and the courage of Palestinian solidarity movements. As an ally, all I can say is thank you for putting this out there. Although it may seem that such a statement would be obvious and thus rendered unnecessary, I think every movement would do well to realize how important it is to be unrelentingly aware of even marginal forms of racism or bigotry hiding in their midsts. This statement does just that. Bravo. And thank you.

Not Palestinian, but cosigned, in spirit.

Including the Right of Return of all Palestinian Refugees to their ancestral homeland Palestine!

I am Jewish (but not religious) and consider the land of Palestine/Israel to be my ancestral homeland, as well as that of the Palestinians. There needs to be a realization that the Palestinians aren't going anywhere, and neither are we (Israelis). Together, we will build the best country that ever lived. <3

I totally agree with this statement. We should try - no matter how difficult - to think, speak and act as brothers and sisters. Ma ana ajmal min salam; hevenu shalom aleinu.

Of course you can consider me as a co-signer

With such resolve, the Palestinian movement for justice and rights shines.

You have my complete admiration and solidarity.

I don't know if adding my name here in the comments section is the proper way, but I hereby endorse this statement and ask that my name be added to the signature list.

I definitely endorse this clear uplifting statement and I believe it might be a good idea to ask not only all Palestinians to add their signatures so that the world can hear and see Palestinians, but also send it to the UN General Assembly, just to jog their memory of their role and why they existed in the first place!
My question; where & how can I add my name to signatures list?

I agree

I love the irony of the anti racist statement which is only signed by Palestinians.

There is nothing ironic about this statement. If this is to be a solidarity movement not just *for* Palestine, but also *by* Palestinians, then this statement has to come solely from the same people leading the movement. Their voices must be the ones to shine through and articulate a vision and a path for the solidarity movement. We do not get to dictate to Palestinians what their movement should look like, and vice-versa, Palestinians do have a responsibility to articulate a vision for those involved in solidarity work. This statement does just that. If you fail to understand this basic fact, then you fail to understand what it means to do solidarity work. If that is so, then perhaps you should also save yourself the trouble of commenting on work whose basic principles you find so elusive.

Isn't it just?

Naturally there is not space, or need, to name every form of bigotry in such a declaration. But I am left with a burning question.

Are we to infer that committment to "freedom, justice, and equality...opposed to all forms of...bigotry" includes bigotry and discrimination against gay and lesbian peoples? This would be truly radical, and monumental, coming from Palestinians, particularly given what is known about the tremendous suffering of gay people in Palestinian society and, extended, within the larger Arab world...a fact, I might add, which Israel and its supporters use politically against the Palestinian cause in the west.

I recognize that even if that degree of freedom from discrimination and bigotry is intentionally embedded in this statement, some, or many, may believe this is not a right time, or support could be lost, for directly addressing this form of discrimination. But as Martin Luther King famously put it:
"On some positions, Cowardice asks the question, "Is it safe?" Expediency asks the question, "Is it politic?" And Vanity comes along and asks the question, "Is it popular?" But Conscience asks the question "Is it right?" And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right."

I think this applies.

This is what needs to be said along with any statement supporting Palestinian and Human Rights. The sooner people realise that anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and Zionism are all part of the problem, the better.

Saor Alba Gu Brath
Saor Palestine Gu Brath

Thank you, so very much.

Indeed ‘’Our struggle is anchored in universal human rights and international law in opposition to military occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid’’ please do add my name to the statement. ....Saeb Sha'ath

Please include me as a co-signer.

long over due

The People of Palestine are so RIGHT that the world cannot get them LEFT aside. Let Israel be there. So, Palestine. Both the nations are the part of the HISTORY of HUMANITY. Let a hundred flowers blossom.

I’m a dear friend to the Palestinian peoples struggle and totally agree to the statement. But I’m also agreeing with ´Robert` that it have to "include bigotry and discrimination against gay and lesbian peoples". Think I can say this as I am clear ´normal´ straight person.

With you from afar. (Scotland) Let justice prevail. Please, (if you can) add me to your list. Jill Rowan.

an american in solidarity, add my name Elisabeth Southorn

More people must be educated and learn about the tremendous human rights violations taking place against the Palestinian people. We must all stand against apartheid, oppression, racism, and human rights violations. In the US, we must diversity the knowledge and the movement regarding Palestine. Too many people of color simply don't know what is happening, and how aligned the Palestinian struggle is to their own. The word must not only be spread, but must be communicated differently/by different advocates. Other marginalized and oppressed people in the US DO and WILL care, but are simply disenfranchised from common issues and ignorant to the facts and the relevance to their own everyday lives. We must both change the message and also the messenger! Too many are largely left out of the US movement due to elitist language and actions that disconnect oppressed populations from one another.

Please add the name of this citizen of the world in Solidarity.

I assume that by adding my comment I will be adding my signature to this statement

A very finely articulated statement. A missing one, indeed... This should serve the effort to decolonize the Palestinians in Western imagery that still looks through the fact that we have become citizens of their societies as well as we have inalienable rights to our homeland. Please consider me I ago along with this statement and signing it!

Is there a limit, seeing as how you made another one previously against Gilad Atzmon, and before that, Israel Shamir? Now it's about Greta Berlin? I'm sure this will go over well in the rarefied lite circles you move in, but not perhaps in the refugee camps or the concentration camp known as Gaza.