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EI’s Rami Almeghari joins Norman Finkelstein and others to debate Palestine UN bid on RT’s CrossTalk

CrossTalk: Palestime (ft. Norman Finkelstein)

Now that the Palestinians have had their international legal status upgraded at the UN, what difference will it make? What will now happen with the so-called “peace process”? Will we see an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands any time soon? And, how will this UN resolution make Israel more isolated? CrossTalking with Norman Finkelstein, Raanan Gissin and Rami Almeghari.


Not so interesting, I did not learn a single argument. But maybe the barking was part of the essence.

At my home, we do not bark.

Rami Almeghari was hardly allowed to speak and he was the one I wanted to hear from. Furthermore, Norman kept calling Raanan Gissin, Rani or something like that. Maybe he didn't even know that Rani Almeghari was part of the discussion. Why bother to have 2 alpha males yes "barking" at each other? We all know what they will say - its a silly, uninforming set-up.

One of the few times I've watched TV about Palestine and didn't curse. Rami Almeghari and Norman Finkelstein were given the opportunity to expose Gissin's bald faced lies; i.e., that Israel provides the Palestinians with electricty and water. Their facts (Rami noted that Israel destroyed the power plant and Finkelstein noted that Israel appropriates 80 percent of Palestinian water) reduced Gissin to the bald faced liar that he is. He could not counter their facts and could only shout "liar, liar." Honestly, the last time I saw something comparable on TV was way back when on Ted Koppel's Nightline when Saeb Erekat and Hanan Ashrawi were on (before the PLO was recognized as the sole legitimate voice of the Palestinians). And when Mike Wallace had some Palestinian-Americans on 60 Minutes eons ago and presented us as other than terrorists.

Gissin had realy a bad peformance. I am glad that here is a shift, because the Israelis where dominant for a long time in the media and now they loose their calm and shout "that's a lie" and so on. More than one time did Gissin shout in complet disconnection of reality told by Norman Finkelstein and Ramy Almeghari . Israel does not control anymore a propaganda machine which is broken now and is challenged by immediat transfer of facts via internet.

I have just returned from the occupied territories. I saw the water tanks on the roofs of the Palestinian homes which store water to be used by the families when Israel arbitrarily decides to cut their water supply. In contrast, I saw the lush lawns and gardens of the illegal Israeli settlements, maintained by constant irrigation. I visited refugee camps where the electricity is cut off during the night hours, leaving families in the dark. These facts can no longer be disputed, as was suggested by your guest, now that the world's attention is on Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people.

This is a desperate last effort to revive a dead two state solution . But of course the response came instantly form the Israeli side 3000 new units to be built in a sensitive area outside Jerusalem . Unfortunately , this false hope will take some time to fade away , and the Palestenians will realize that the two state impossible solution is just that ,impossible.

Is there one person outside of Israel and its fervid supporters who truly believes Israel wants to talk peace negotiations? Their idea of peace negotiations is so one-sided that it is a joke. Raanan Gissin talks like he lives in another world! Generosity to Palestinians, giving them water and electricity! Oh my goodness! There is a vast amount of documentation compiled by geologists, water experts, human rights groups, and Israeli journalists - those who are courageous enough to see it with their own eyes and record it - that disputes that and details exactly what is happening: a shockingly abusive, almost unimaginably cruel, well-planned control of the essential water and electricity supply (amongst many other necessities).
Yes, Israel is becoming more and more isolated and people like Gissin are responsible.