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Film explores striking parallels between South African, Israeli apartheid

Abraham Greenhouse
22 June 2012
Roadmap to Apartheid is an important achievement in the history of popular education about Palestine, which has long pointed to the parallels between Israel and South Africa.

Reflection of the struggle: Excentrik explores his Palestinian-American identity on new album

Alexander Billet
19 June 2012
Surpassing genre categorization, the eclectic Excentrik (Tarik Kazaleh) vividly juxtaposes dual identities, politics and culture in his new album.

Documentary offers damning critique of how Western media covered Gaza attack

Sarah Irving
15 June 2012
The War Around Us is a damning critique — from within the industry — of the Western media’s reporting of Palestine.

A life brutally cut short: new book collects Tom Hurndall's photos of Palestine

Asa Winstanley
11 June 2012
A collection of photographs charts the personal and political journey of Tom Hurndall, a British photography student and activist shot in the head by an Israeli sniper in 2003.

Drones provide backdrop to Bible-inspired play by Palestinian writer

Sarah Irving
6 June 2012
A new play takes a poetic, violent, poignant take on the Biblical story of Abraham.

Taboo of truth-telling about Palestine in US classrooms tackled by new book

Steven Salaita
31 May 2012
The question of how to teach Palestine, and anti-Zionism’s career-killing consequences, is the focus of a new book.

Blair aide evades political reality in walking guide to West Bank

Sarah Irving
29 May 2012
A proper hiking guide to “off-the-beaten-track” routes in the West Bank offers excellent practical information but ignores the political reality that has changed Palestine’s physical landscape.

Bio shows why Leila Khaled remains an icon of resistance

Asa Winstanley
23 May 2012
Leila Khaled, an icon of the Palestinian resistance struggle, is the subject of a recommended new biography.

Interview: racism of Britain's rulers in Palestine explored in major new exhibition

Sarah Irving
21 May 2012
Unearthed photographs shed new light on the British army’s Mandate of Palestine which paved the way for Zionist colonization.

Palestinian artists take on identity and politics with humor in "Subversion" exhibition

Sarah Irving
13 May 2012
Subversion, an exhibition at Manchester’s Cornerhouse gallery, shows that young Palestinian artists are at the cutting edge of contemporary Arab art.


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