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Film review: Gaza love story triumphs over Israeli obstacles

Sarah Irving
29 March 2013

Habibi splices an ancient romance with experiences of the second intifada.

Dheisheh camp "university" questions what it means to be a refugee

Daryl Meador
Dheisheh refugee camp
26 March 2013

Campus on Campus participant believes refugee camps should be seen as “homelands.”

FBI's penchant for "manufacturing terrorists" probed in new book

Charlotte Silver
20 March 2013

US agency hires infiltrators who turn hapless Muslims into enemies of the state.

Nablus was "the center of everything": interview with architect Naseer Arafat

Daryl Meador
12 March 2013

New book documents how West Bank city’s buildings were destroyed by Israeli invasion.

"Graffiti was my education": interview with Palestinian designer Hafez Omar

Daryl Meador
8 March 2013

Brown is the color of Israeli jails, says artist behind image of solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers.

New book explores how Palestine "lost its history"

Raymond Deane
6 March 2013

Palestine may be unique: after the imperial powers retreated, it suffered a fresh colonization.

Novel with Hollywood potential exposes Israel's lies

Selma Dabbagh
4 March 2013

Jewish American writer Michelle Cohen Corasanti pulls no punches in describing Zionist brutality.

Palestinians shouldn't be covered in "blanket of sadness," says poet

Sarah Irving
27 February 2013

Protest and poetry are “inseparable twins,” according to a new Al Jazeera documentary series.

Leading writers rise to challenge in new collection "Seeking Palestine"

Selma Dabbagh
25 February 2013

Writers and artists from different disciplines provide an extraordinarily frank, fresh and unsentimental assessment of what Palestinians are and have become.


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