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New book explores how Palestine "lost its history"

Raymond Deane
6 March 2013

Palestine may be unique: after the imperial powers retreated, it suffered a fresh colonization.

Novel with Hollywood potential exposes Israel's lies

Selma Dabbagh
4 March 2013

Jewish American writer Michelle Cohen Corasanti pulls no punches in describing Zionist brutality.

Palestinians shouldn't be covered in "blanket of sadness," says poet

Sarah Irving
27 February 2013

Protest and poetry are “inseparable twins,” according to a new Al Jazeera documentary series.

Leading writers rise to challenge in new collection "Seeking Palestine"

Selma Dabbagh
25 February 2013

Writers and artists from different disciplines provide an extraordinarily frank, fresh and unsentimental assessment of what Palestinians are and have become.

"Gangnam Style" parody puts spotlight on Gaza siege

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
18 February 2013

A version of the chart-topping song highlights unemployment among Palestinian youth.

"Gaza Fashion Week" comes to London art gallery

Sarah Irving
5 February 2013

Militarism is mocked with exuberance in a new exhibition.

New book celebrates besieged Gaza's vibrant (and spicy) cuisine

Hadeel Assali
New York City
30 January 2013

The Gaza Kitchen reveals the strength of Gaza’s culture, traditions and heritage.

New book by Tel Aviv historian uncovers "Land of Israel" myths

Asa Winstanley
28 January 2013

Shlomo Sand documents Zionism’s invention of “Eretz Israel” as a national homeland.

Links between struggle and art probed in new book on Palestinian poets

Sarah Irving
21 January 2013

Verse penned under Israeli occupation has been both revolutionary and introspective.


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