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Links between struggle and art probed in new book on Palestinian poets

Sarah Irving
21 January 2013

Verse penned under Israeli occupation has been both revolutionary and introspective.

West Bank reconstructed at London's Nour Festival

Lauren Pyott
29 December 2012

A musical exploration of Israel’s 2002 Operation Defensive Shield was one of the highlights of a recent festival.

Emerging from an “age of defeat”: interview with poet Ghassan Zaqtan

Lauren Pyott
7 December 2012

Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in the 1980s shattered Palestinian dreams.

Arab Spring meets Warhol in Ramallah show

Daryl Meador
4 December 2012

Art installation inspired by Tunisian street vendor Muhammad Bouazizi attracts impromptu praying.

Israel planned a “nuclear Armageddon,” new book shows

Rod Such
20 November 2012

Fortress Israel indicates that the military elite wants the occupation of Palestine to continue indefinitely.

Giving Palestine's palaces back to the people

Daryl Meador
12 November 2012

Riwaq’s work has been important in bringing West Bank “throne villages” back to the center of community life.


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