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Can literature disrupt Israel’s identity?

Sarah Irving
19 May 2015

Despite the huge resources dedicated to Hebrew, some Jewish Israeli writers work in Arabic.

The “forced geography” of Tel Aviv

Tom Sperlinger
11 May 2015

Difficult to categorize as either a history or architecture book, Sharon Rotbard’s White City, Black City is a compelling ghost story.

Video: Dance festival contributes to "artistic intifada" in Ramallah

Linda Paganelli
4 May 2015

Annual event promotes artistic exchange and solidarity with Palestine.

How development aid has failed Palestine and benefitted Israel

Sarah Irving
1 May 2015

Despite being aimed at academics, new book offers a biting critique of capitalist experiments in Palestine.

Mahmoud Darwish and the intimacy of Israel's occupation

Sarah Irving
24 April 2015

Everything — down to “our coffee cups” — is stolen away in the poet’s final works.

Chomsky and Pappe clash on "solutions" for Palestine in new book

Rod Such
20 April 2015

Noam Chomsky appears less hostile to the boycott of Israel than he was in his notorious 2014 article for The Nation.

Fragments of Palestine woven together in literary plea for female solidarity

Peter Cherry
13 April 2015

Novelist khulud khamis tackles sex and religion in present-day Israel and the occupied West Bank.

A century of challenges to Zionism

Rod Such
8 April 2015

 Ran Greenstein offers fresh insights into the opposition against Israel’s state ideology.

Palestinian refugee boy comes of age in graphic novel "Baddawi"

Marguerite Dabaie
6 April 2015

Book is based on the father of the author’s experience growing up in Lebanon camp.


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