LAW responds to failures of disappointing Kofi Annan Report

2 August 2002

Following a request by the United Nations General Assembly, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today released a report on the events surrounding the Israeli military incursions earlier this year into the West Bank town of Jenin and other Palestinian cities.

Israel to expel Palestinians, demolished homes

2 August 2002

Today, as Israeli tanks invaded Nablus again, the Israeli government gave the green light to forcibly transfer two family members of suspected Palestinian activists. In Nablus, Israeli forces killed three Palestinians.

IDF infrastructure destruction by bulldozer

Mark Zeitoun
East Jerusalem,
1 August 2002

From the point of view of a water engineer involved in emergency relief efforts, the latest Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has been devastating. The IDF’s April takeover of the West Bank resulted in a total of $342M in physical damages, $7M of that in the water sector alone.

U.N. Jenin Report 'Flawed'

Human Rights Watch
1 August 2002

The U.N. report on events in Jenin is seriously flawed, Human Rights Watch said today. The report, mandated by a U.N. General Assembly resolution after Israeli objections forced the Secretary-General to disband a U.N. fact-finding team, largely limits itself to presenting competing accounts of the events during the Israeli military operations.

UN Secretary-General's report on Jenin underscores the need for a full inquiry

Amnesty International
1 August 2002

The UN Secretary-General’s report released today, which is consistent with many of Amnesty International’s findings, underscores the need for a thorough, on-the-spot investigative inquiry into the reports of grave human rights abuses that occurred in the context of the Israeli army incursions into Jenin and other cities last April.

Media Distortions and the UN Report on Jenin

Ali Abunimah
31 July 2002

The UN report provides no new information to those who are seriously interested in the truth of what happened in Jenin last April. To the Israelis it provides another propaganda coup and plenty of misleading headlines clearing it of any fault, to Kofi Annan and the UN it provides a welcome end to an embarrassing and politically awkward chapter, and to Palestinians it proves yet again that for Israel impunity, not law, is the rule.

Three arrested as football match is invaded in sports boycott

31 July 2002

Three pro-Palestinian activists were arrested at last night’s football match featuring Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv at Leyton Orient in east London.

A Missed Opportunity

Ali Abunimah
31 July 2002

Ever since the horrific carnage in Gaza, when Israeli leaders knowingly, willfully and with malice aforethought dropped a 1,000kg bomb on a civilian apartment building killing 15 people, ten of them children, everyone has been expecting a bloody revenge against Israelis.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
30 July 2002

This week Israeli occupying forces have continued their full-scale offensive in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), killing more Palestinians, destroying public and private property and violating fundamental rights of Palestinian civilians, including the rights to life, free movement, access to adequate medical treatment, food, education and work.

Israel urged again to free Palestinian journalists

Reporters Without Borders
30 July 2002

Reporters Without Borders called on the Israeli government again today to free five imprisoned Palestinian journalists after one of them, Agence France-Presse (AFP) photographer Hussam Abu Alan (photo), had his ‘administrative detention’ for allegedly supporting ‘terrorists’ extended for five months on 23 July.


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