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Sustained Malicious E-Mail Campaign of Disinformation and Lies Being Perpetrated Against ADC

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
28 October 2002


As in common with many other Middle East-related organisations, including EI, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has been targeted by a malicious campaign of disinformation and lies being perpetrated through e-mail attacks. The following press release is typical of the reaction ot this digital harassment.

Another road map to nowhere

Sam Bahour and
Michael Dahan
27 October 2002


The new US “road map” to peace in the Middle East presented by US Assistant Secretary of State William J. Burns is nothing but a placebo for the Palestinians and the world community amidst war talk and sabre-rattling in Washington, DC. The new plan is not an adequate response to Palestinian and international demands that Israel immediately end the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Palestinian Sam Bahour and Israeli Michael Dahan weigh in.

Abunimah responds to AJC official's inflammatory rhetoric in <I>Daily Herald</I>

Ali Abunimah
27 October 2002

EI’s Ali Abunimah responds to an inflammatory column in Chicago’s The Daily Herald by Chaya Gil, a vice-president of the American Jewish Committee’s Chicago Chapter. Gil implicitly equates Abunimah’s criticism the Nusseibeh-Ayalon agreement with a lust for violence and extremism.

Naboth had a Vineyard

Uri Avnery
26 October 2002

Had they been there last Saturday at sunset, most Israelis would not have believed their eyes. In the middle of Havarah, a small village south of Nablus, 63 Israelis, men and women, young and old, were standing together with dozens of Palestinian villagers. Jews and Arabs talked together, drank juice offered by the hosts, exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Uri Avnery writes.

Gaza: IDF House Demolition Injures Refugees

Human Rights Watch
24 October 2002


“There is no justification in international law for the collective punishment of relatives of someone responsible for a criminal act, no matter how heinous that act may have been,” says HRW researcher in Gaza, Johanna Bjorken.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
24 October 2002

Israeli forces have perpetrated more human rights violations against Palestinian civilians, including willful killings, shelling of, and incursion into Palestinian areas, agricultural land leveling. This week, 7 Palestinian civilians, including a woman and 2 children, were killed by Israeli forces.

Misery in Mawasi

Kristen Ess
Gaza Strip
23 October 2002


At 30 mph, cars seem as if they are speeding on the dusty road of Qarrara, a village just south of Abu Ali checkpoint and a few minutes north of Khan Younis, in the middle of the Gaza Strip. The checkpoint is open now. F-16s are rumbling overhead on their way to terrorize Rafah. Israeli soldiers are shooting in nearby Mawasi. Kristen Ess writes from Qarrara, Occupied Gaza.

Israeli army fears new Palestinian "Super Rock"

Avraham Avinunu
23 October 2002


Defense Ministry sources revealed today that Israel’s army is struggling to meet the threat from a Palestinian “super rock” which it is feared will decimate Israel’s tank forces in the Occupied Territories. Israeli spokesmen have long defended the use of live ammunition, tanks and helicopters against Palestinian civilians who are either unarmed, or armed with rocks, by arguing that rocks, too, can be deadly. Avraham Avinunu reports for BNN.

AIPAC's power is often overrated

Issam Nashashibi
23 October 2002


Issam Nashashibi

Two prominent African American members of Congress lost their primary bids for re-election in 2002. Their defeats were widely attributed to the influence of AIPAC, the largest pro-Israel lobby group in Washington, which was angered by positions they had taken in support of Palestinian human rights. Issam Nashashibi, in this contribution to EI, writes that while the US and Arab press continue to mythologize AIPAC’s power and invincibility, the lobby’s influence is often exaggerated. This, he argues, means that there are good prospects for Arab Americans to play a bigger role in shaping debate and policy in US politics.

Palestinian photographer set free after six months of administrative detention

Arjan El Fassed
22 October 2002


Yesterday, photographer Husam Abu Alan was freed from Israeli prison. Abu Alan, who works for Agence France-Presse, was arrested on April 24 near Hebron and held in administrative detention. No charges were ever filed against him.


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