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OCHA presents humanitarian action plan 2003

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
19 November 2002


Today, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) presented its humanitarian action plan for the occupied Palestinian territories for the coming year. The plan starts by stating that te cause of the humanitarian crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories is “fundamentally political”. According to OCHA this problem “cannot be solved with humanitarian aid alone.”

Shock: the mind of a suicide bomber

Arjan El Fassed
18 November 2002


Many think of suicide bombers as insane, or motivated by pure religious fervor. The reality may not be quite so simple. Theatre group “De Queeste” tries to explain in its latest performance “Shock”. EI’s Arjan El Fassed visited this theatre play on November 16 in the Netherlands.

ADC Cautions Media on Israel's Deceptions

18 November 2002

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) today warned the American media against accepting Israeli government claims without independent confirmation. ADC’s note of caution comes in the wake of a false Israeli government account of the death of 12 Israeli combatants on Friday.

Every day is a major invasion in Gaza

Kristen Ess
Gaza Strip
18 November 2002

Gaza City did not sleep last night. 35 Israeli tanks plowed into the Tal Al-Hawa area in the south of the city. Apache missiles were fired from the sky. The explosions lasted throughout the night. A man called out that the international community must wake up. He said, “They are killing our children but we are here to stay. The world must listen to the truth.” Another said quietly, “No one heard you.” Kristen Ess writes from Gaza, where the reality of international apathy is measured by the daily tank and helicopter attacks.

CNN's "Sabbath Massacre" propaganda

Nigel Parry and
Ali Abunimah
18 November 2002

In the wake of the November 15th Islamic Jihad attack against Israeli soldiers and members of a settler paramilitary force, many members of the media reproduced Israel’s quickly debunked claims of a “massacre” of “worshippers”. CNN was one of them. EI’s Nigel Parry and Ali Abunimah wrote to the network.


Giulia El Dardiry
18 November 2002


No one writes about the checkpoints nowadays. They have become a permanent, almost “normal”, fixture of Palestine. So it is alright. It is no longer worthy of attention. It is no longer an affront to human dignity. Giulia El Dardiry writes from Ramallah, occupied Palestine.

NPR still giving misleading reports about "hijack"

Ali Abunimah
18 November 2002


Since early this morning, there have been growing indications that the incident on an El Al airliner flying from Tel Aviv to Istanbul on Sunday was not an attempted hijacking with a knife as you have been reporting all morning. As of 8.30 AM ET, NPR news casts have been reporting almost every half hour that Israeli security “foiled an attempting hijacking” and that a young “Israeli Arab” man threatened a stewardess with a knife before attempting to kick in the cockpit door. NPR has not reported any of the latest information, which casts severe doubt on this version of events.

NPR's false reports about Hebron continue

Ali Abunimah
17 November 2002


NPR’s reporting on the Palestinian attack in Hebron has been the most unprofessional and inaccurate EI’s Ali Abunimah has come across. As late as Sunday morning, NPR was still reporting as fact utterly false Israeli government claims of an ambush and massacre of “Jewish worshippers” in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

Israel falsely claims "massacre" of "worshippers" in Hebron

Ali Abunimah and
Nigel Parry
16 November 2002


News media and public officials reported that Jewish “worshippers” were killed in a Palestinian ambush in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron on November 15, 2002. In fact, all those who died were Israeli soldiers and armed paramilitary settlers, and the Israeli army admitted that the attackers had directed their attack against the soldiers, and not, as the Israeli government and most of the media reported against “Sabbath worshippers.” EI’s Ali Abunimah and Nigel Parry report.

Field trip to Taybeh

Toine van Teeffelen
16 November 2002

On the occasion of Independence day, November 15, some 60 school and university students and teachers leave together for a fieldtrip to the village of Taybeh north-east of Ramallah. Toine van Teeffelen writes from Bethlehem.


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