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Combining Activism and Academia: A Moral Imperative

Laurie King
25 November 2002

“It seems that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Zionism as a nationalist ideology, and US support for Israel are still topics that many scholars prefer to keep at arm’s length, and given what I learned from some younger colleagues attempting to teach college classes about the Middle East in respected US institutions of higher learning, it is no wonder. ” A report from the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association by EI’s Laurie King-Irani.

EI on CKUT Radio Montreal

Ali Abunimah and
Nigel Parry
25 November 2002

Following the publication of EI’s investigative piece “Israel falsely claims ‘massacre’ of ‘worshippers’ in Hebron” (16 November 2002), EI’s Ali Abunimah and Nigel Parry spoke with Stefan Christoff on CKUT Radio Montreal about the events. Listen to or download an mp3 audio file of the program here.

Chicago Palestine Film Festival: Call for Films

Chicago Palestine Film Festival
25 November 2002

The Chicago Palestine Film Festival is issuing a call for films by Palestinian cinematographers, directors and artists for the 2003 and subsequent festivals. The deadline for all film submissions is January 31, 2003.

British citizen and Palestinian child killed in Jenin

23 November 2002

On Friday, November 22, Israeli forces attacked Jenin refugee camp, killed a Palestinian child and British engineer Ian Hook (50). An eyewitness stated that Hook exited the office, which overlooked snipers, raising the flag of the UN. He stood in front of the entrance of the office and asked the Israeli forces, including the sniper upon the roof of an eyewitness, to stop shooting. They did not heed his request, and opened fire upon him from a distance of around 20 meters.

Israel's killing of British citizen Iain Hook, UNRWA's Project Manager in Jenin

Caoimhe Butterly and
Annie Higgins
Jenin refugee camp
22 November 2002


“Iain Hook came out of the UN compound waving a blue UN flag, and the Israeli soldiers’ only response was to broadcast with their microphone in English, ‘We don’t care if you are the United Nations or who you are. Fuck off and go home!’ They were trying to go home. Iain said that things were not going well.” Caoimhe Butterly reports from Jenin.

Death of a UN worker

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
21 November 2002

The United Nations regret to confirm that the senior manager of UNRWA’s Jenin camp reconstruction project, Iain Hook, was shot and killed this afternoon in the UNRWA office compound in Jenin camp.

NPR's unbalanced reporting of violence continues

Ali Abunimah
21 November 2002

While NPR virtually ignored an Israeli death squad attack which killed six Palestinians, including two children, in the occupied West Bank town of Tulkarm, it has, as predicted, given blanket coverage to a suicide bombing which killed eleven Israelis in Jerusalem, writes EI’s Ali Abunimah

Two States or One?

Ali Abunimah
21 November 2002

EI’s Ali Abunimah writes that a two-state solution is still possible, but only if Israel stops undermining it and immediately seizes the far-reaching offers of the Palestinians and the Arab states.

Sadly, though, the political field in Israel looks unlikely produce anyone who will seize this golden opportunity. Therefore, Israel will likely miss the boat on the two-state solution, and Palestinians and Israelis will have to think about what it will be like to live together in one state, and more importantly how to get there peacefully because no road map exists.

Weekly report on human rights violations

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
20 November 2002

Israeli occupying forces have perpetrated more human rights violations against Palestinian civilians. This week 13 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 5 children, a woman and an old man, were killed by Israeli forces. This number does not include Palestinians who were killed while carrying out attacks against Israeli tartgets.

IFJ accuses Israel after journalists are terrorised and cameraman is beaten up

International Federation of Journalists
20 November 2002

The International Federation of Journalists said today that Israeli border police who terrorized a group of journalists and assaulted a cameraman in West Bank city of Hebron reflected a “continuing mood of prejudice and intolerance” among Israeli security personnel in their dealings with media.


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