The Jerusalem blow -- another reminder of need for urgent change

Hasan Abu Nimah
9 October 2002

Writing for EI, Hasan Abu Nimah says that the fact that an Arab country is targeted for destruction by the US, and that Jerusalem is granted to Israel as its capital is directly and closely linked to the sad reality of incompetence, loss of willpower, paralysis and defeatism that prevails in the Arab world.

104 days of curfew in Nablus

Susan Barclay
8 October 2002

Today marks 104 days of curfew; 104 days during which 200,000 people have been imprisoned in their homes—over 3 months, over 2020 consecutive hours inside (for the curfew has been lifted for about 70 hours total). Susan Barclay asks, “Why do I not find words for the realities that lie before my very eyes?”

Jenin Today: They Shoot Children, Don't They?

Annie Higgins
8 October 2002

With the high number of Palestinian children killed and injured in the Intifada, Israel has invested considerable time in portraying this as a failure of Palestinian parents to keep their kids away from violence. In this report from Jenin, Annie Higgins notes a more obvious cause — the Israeli tanks and troops that patrol the kids’ routes to school.

Nablus: In Memoriam, Ahmad Khanfa

Ghadeer Shaka'a
8 October 2002

While the curfew was lifted, Ghadeer Shaka’a went with her sister to visit Wadi Tuffah. They couldn’t find Ahmad. He was shot the day before and is now in coma.

Please, spare us your lectures

Ali Abunimah
7 October 2002

As the world looks on, Israel continues its violent campaign against the Palestinians with a bloody new attack in Gaza which killed thirteen people, four of them children. EI’s Ali Abunimah argues that as long as the UN and the international community react to Israel’s crimes only with words, they are in no position to make any demands of the Palestinian people.

Leaving with mixed feelings

Arjan El Fassed
7 October 2002

EI’s Arjan El Fassed is leaving Palestine but still has something to get off his chest. His column was published today in The Jerusalem Post.

13 Palestinian civilians killed and dozens wounded in Israeli attack on Khan Yunis

Palestinian Center for Human Rights
7 October 2002

Israeli occupying forces, backed by tanks and attack helicopters raided Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip, killing 13 Palestinians and wounding more than 80, in the deadliest Israeli attack in the past few weeks.

Bush's ghost writer: 'I made a mistake in UN speech'

Mandela Ibn Madroob
5 October 2002

Shaggy Farrel, ghost writer to US President George W. Bush, admitted that he made some crucial errors in his draft of Bush’s remarks to the United Nations. BNN’s diplomatic correspondent checks the implications.

What a Show!

Uri Avnery
5 October 2002

On October 3rd, there was another hearing in the Tel Aviv trial of Marwan Barghouti, Palestinian politician and a leader of the Fatah organisation. The Israeli government carefully stage managed the event, allowing a right wing group innocently named “Organization of Terror Victims” access to disrupt the hearing while denying access to holders of the Israeli government press card. Veteran Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery writes about the experience.

Nablus: 'Our apartment building was occupied'

Yacoub H. Alul
3 October 2002

Last week, Israeli soldiers occupied an apartment building in Nablus. Some fifty residents were forcibly evicted and were forced to move to their neighbor’s apartments. Dr. Yacoub Alul, one of them, reports.


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