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Working her own road map

Ann S. Kim
15 June 2003

The Mideast was new territory for Mary-Lou Leiser Smith before her first trip to the Holy Land. Now, it’s the center of her heart’s work. These days, Smith is preparing for a conference in November at UNC-Chapel Hill — one focus will be the role of U.S. aid in the conflict. On Saturday, she was part of an enthusiastic group at Raleigh-Durham International Airport greeting peace activist Brian Avery on his return to the United States. Ann S. Kim of The News and Observer reports.

Wounded activist Brian Avery returns home

Aisling Swift
15 June 2003

Two months after Israeli machine-gun fire ripped through his face in the occupied West Bank, peace activist Brian Avery of Chapel Hill returned home Saturday, his jaw wired shut and scars lining his face as he awaits more surgery. Aisling Swift from the The News and Observer reports.

ADC Resolutions Adopted at the 2003 National Convention

14 June 2003

Members of the Arab American community and its supporters gathered at the 20th Annual Convention of the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC), the nation’s largest Arab-American membership organization, held in Arlington, VA from the 12th to the 15th of June, 2003. At the Convention, the ADC Board of Directors adopted and committed the organization to a number of resolutions.

Israel teargasses peaceful demonstrators in Nablus

5 June 2003

Israeli Occupation Forces threw tear gas at peaceful demonstrators today at the Huwarra checkpoint outside Nablus. The demonstation primarily comprised of representatives from the medical, educational, legal, journalist, civil and human rights organizations from Nablus along with internationals from the International Solidarity Movement. Several local and international peaceful demonstrators were taken away for medical treatment.

ISM demands Israeli retraction and apology over Mike's Place bombing allegations

3 June 2003

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website makes the following accusations against the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

Dynamic husband-wife team fight Israeli occupation

Kristel Halter
1 June 2003

With the advent of the intifada in September 2000, Adam Shapiro witnessed the unprovoked killing of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli Army. ‘One of my friends, Aseel Asleh, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was killed in civilian protests against the occupation,’ he remembers. ‘I realized that I could not stand by and watch. As someone who was an American but understood and experienced life in the Arab world, I could not be silent, especially as American-made weapons and the American government gave such overwhelming support to the Israelis’.” Kristel Halter of Beirut’s Daily Star interviews Adam Shapiro and Huweida Arraf, husband and wife, Jew and Arab, about their struggle to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

"No pride in war, no pride in occupation!"

31 May 2003

“As Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two-Spirit, Trans and Intersex and Queer people we understand what it means to be silenced, used as scapegoats, and targeted with violence for being who we are. This is experienced more intensely for those of us who are also people of color and trans experience. For these reasons, we feel it is crucial in the current political climate to make anti-war organizing and the fight against racism — at home and abroad — a priority for our movement. ” More Americans come out against occupation and injustice.

Searching to end the lament

Gila Svirsky
30 May 2003

In what may have been one of the most moving moments of protest in Israel, hundreds of women and men wearing stark black lay down outside the Cinematheque in Tel-Aviv, completely covering the large plaza in front of the building.

Thomas Hurndall returns to the United Kingdom

29 May 2003

On 11th April Tom Hurndall - a young photographer observing and recording the work of a peace group in Gaza and the activities of the Israeli army was shot in the head by the Israeli army in the town of Rafah at the border between Gaza and Egypt. He currently lies in a deep coma in hospital in Saroka Hospital in Beer Sheva. On 29th May Tom flies back to London. He will arrive at Heathrow Airport this afternoon.

Why two women went to war: Private Lynch and Rachel Corrie

Naomi Klein
21 May 2003

“Private Jessica Lynch went to Iraq as a soldier loyal to her government. Ms. Corrie went to Gaza to oppose the actions of her government. As a U.S. citizen, she believed she had a special responsibility to defend Palestinians against U.S.-built weapons, purchased with U.S. aid to Israel. In letters home, she described how fresh water was being diverted from Gaza to Israeli settlements, and how death was more normal than life.” Naomi Klein examines the different fates of two young American women who went to war zones in the Middle East, and wonders what it says about the US that one is viewed as a hero while the other is not.


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