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Olympia conference remembers Rachel Corrie and Rafah

7 November 2003

The Second Annual Conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association took place from October 9-12 in Olympia, Washington at The Evergreen State College. The title of the conference, ‘Fostering Alternatives to Violence,’ was deeply felt by the participants whose talk frequently turned to the post-September 11th world, the Bush administration and the conflicts in Iraq and the Occupied Territories. Educators, students, artists and activists joined to discuss progress and problems within the movement. candio. reports from Olympia.

Tens of thousands to mobilize for Nov 9th International Day Against the Wall

3 November 2003

The day declared by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign in Palestine is gathering major momentum as cities across Europe, Canada, the US, Latin America, and Australia are joining in solidarity with the popular Palestinian mobilization that is to take place on November 9, the date of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The International Day Against the Wall is expected to be noticeable and large scale and to be a spark that further strengthens the Palestinian call to stop the Wall and the momentum in Palestine and abroad.

Nusseibeh and Ayalon Face Strong Opposition in Seattle

Haithem El-Zabri
7 November 2003

Seattle’s Palestinian community, together with Arab and American supporters of the Palestinian cause, have expressed clear opposition to the Nusseibeh-Ayalon “peace proposal” which dismisses the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. Sari Nusseibeh and Ami Ayalon came to the University of Washington - Seattle on October 23rd, 2003, to present their plan, and were met with visible opposition from local community groups. Haithem El-Zabri reports for EI.

Third Annual Palestine Solidarity Conference, Ohio, Nov 7-9

31 October 2003

Among other things, participants of the conference will gather to network, educate and strategize ways in which to build support for an already existing divestment campaign, designed to put an end to the Israeli occupation and stop military and financial aid to Israel in all its forms. In addition to featuring a series of educational workshops, activist training sessions, panel discussions, and speakers throughout the weekend, community members are encouraged help celebrate the will and spirit of resistance characteristic of the Palestinian people by experiencing the music, poetry and art that will be featured during the social and cultural events on Friday and Saturday evening.

Israeli forces opened fire on two peace activists

Arjan El Fassed
25 October 2003

An Australian and American peace activist were shot in the legs at Balata refugee camp and were taken to Rafidia Hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

Coalition of churches fights for Palestinian health rights

Paul Jeffrey
21 October 2003

The right of Palestinians to access quality health care continues to be impaired by the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, so hospitals supported by Action by Churches Together International are reaching out in new ways to deliver health care to isolated and besieged communities.

Relatives of Tom Hurndall present letter to Israeli ambassador

10 October 2003

On Friday 10th October - six months after their brother Tom was shot by an IDF soldier, Billy & Sophie Hurndall presented a letter of protest at the Israeli Embassy in London.

Michigan Jewish activists hold vigils outside conservative synagogue

Henry Herskovitz
Ann Arbor
14 October 2003

A small group of Jewish activists have organized to vigil in a solemn, dignified manner, the only conservative synagogue in Ann Arbor, Beth Israel Congregation. Our group is not completely Jewish — many non-Jewish supporters have elected to stand with us out of their convictions, and we are grateful. Vigils are scheduled for the start of worship services on Saturday mornings — we have completed three vigils so far and look forward to many more. Henry Herskovitz reports.

International day of solidarity with the Palestinian people

8 October 2003

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed by the United Nations on 29 November each year, in accordance with mandates given by the General Assembly.

"If Americans Knew" advocacy group receives death threats

5 October 2003

After a 2 October 2003 debate on “How to can peace be achieved between Israelis and Palestinians,” a local woman and her organization received a voice mail message saying: “Don’t be in your office Monday at 2 pm. Me and my buddies, trained by the Israeli army, are going to come in and kill you.”


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