3 December 2023

“Each time I hear an explosion, I am haunted by images of children who have been killed in this genocidal war,” writes Mahmoud Alyazji from Gaza. “What if one of my nephews or nieces is next?”

Women and girls have to navigate war, water scarcity and menstrual struggles, writes Eman Alhaj Ali from Gaza. Confronted with inadequate access to sanitary pads and tampons, women are resorting to norethisterone tablets designed to postpone periods, despite the potential adverse effects associated with these medications.

Sufyan Tayeh, president at the Islamic University of Gaza and a renowned researcher in psychics and applied mathematics, was killed along with his family in a strike in Jabaliya refugee camp. “It appears that Israel is deliberately targeting academic and cultural leaders,” writes Ghada Abed from Gaza.

Israeli leaders have said they would take their military onslaught to the southern Gaza Strip, bombarding the territory from north to south, disregarding calls by the US secretary of state to abide by the laws of war and “minimize harm to civilians.”

A child standing in rubble between two tall buildings charred and with walls blown out

The ruins of Israeli airstrikes on the Nuseirat refugee camp, in the central Gaza Strip, on 3 December.

Naaman Omar APA images

Israel “committed horrific and massive massacres” in a 24-hour period between the afternoon of 2 December and the afternoon of 3 December, with airstrikes killing at least 316 and wounding more than 660, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza stated. The ministry added that a large number of victims are still under the rubble of destroyed buildings. Israeli forces arrested another four paramedics on 2 December, the ministry reported.

Aid trucks carrying humanitarian supplies entered Gaza from the Rafah crossing with Egypt, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported. OCHA explained that the number and contents of the trucks were unclear as of 11 pm Palestine time. The crossing with Egypt was “open for the evacuation of 566 foreign nationals and dual citizens, 13 injured people and 11 companions, as well as for the entry of 10 humanitarian staff,” OCHA stated.