Thomas Hurndall Fund

British inquiry into Hurndall shooting to also investigate James Miller's death

In a rare move Dr Knapman - the Coroner for Westminster, has agreed to transfer the jurisdiction of the inquest into the death of Tom Hurndall in Rafah, Gaza last April, to the jurisdiction of Dr. Reed - the Coroner for Camden. Dr Reed is currently responsible for the inquest into the death of James Miller — another British national who was killed just over a week after Tom in Gaza. The family of Tom Hurndall and of James Miller both welcomed the news yesterday and believe that this represents a major development in their attempts to get at the truth behind the killings. 

Tom Hurndall dies as family receive news of the indictment of his killer

Tom Hurndall, the British Photographer shot in Gaza while shepherding young children out of the line of fire, died last night at 7.45pm. His death came nine months after an incident in which he was shot in the head by an IDF soldier which left him in a vegetative state. The traumatic nature of his injuries has meant that at any time Tom has been vulnerable to serious infection and his death came after his body was unsuccessful in overcoming an episode of Pneumonia. At a hearing on Monday, a soldier arrested last week in connection with the shooting of Tom Hurndall, has finally been indicted on six charges. 

Thomas Hurndall returns to the United Kingdom

On 11th April Tom Hurndall - a young photographer observing and recording the work of a peace group in Gaza and the activities of the Israeli army was shot in the head by the Israeli army in the town of Rafah at the border between Gaza and Egypt. He currently lies in a deep coma in hospital in Saroka Hospital in Beer Sheva. On 29th May Tom flies back to London. He will arrive at Heathrow Airport this afternoon.