International Federation of Journalists

IFJ calls for Iraq probe after Palestinian journalist shot dead by US troops

The International Federation of Journalists has called for an independent and open inquiry into the killing yesterday afternoon of a Palestinian cameraman in Iraq by US troops, only days after the Federation accused the Pentagon of a “cynical whitewash” over a previous attack on media in which two journalists were killed. The shooting of Mazen Dana, an award-winning journalist working for the Reuters news agency, is “more tragic evidence of what appears to be casual disregard of journalists’ safety by military commanders,” said IFJ’s Aidan White. 

IFJ calls for journalists' rights and security to be made a priority in Israeli-Palestinian dialogue

The International Federation of Journalists today called for the rights and security of journalists to be made a priority in the forthcoming dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. “It is time to set journalists free and to build democracy through dialogue, tolerance and press freedom,” says the IFJ in a letter to both sides. 

IFJ accuses Israel after journalists are terrorised and cameraman is beaten up

The International Federation of Journalists said today that Israeli border police who terrorized a group of journalists and assaulted a cameraman in West Bank city of Hebron reflected a “continuing mood of prejudice and intolerance” among Israeli security personnel in their dealings with media. 

Israeli Army report on killing of photographer "lacking all balance and credibility," says IFJ

The Israeli army report on the circumstances of the killing of an Italian photographer earlier this year in the West Bank town of Ramallah was rejected as ‘lacking all balance and credibility’ by the International Federation of Journalists today.