The Freedom Theatre

Join Jenin childrens' struggle to break the Walls of Hatred through art

The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp and The Freedom Theatre Foundation of Sweden therefore call upon artists around the world to join the children of Jenin in their struggle to Break the Walls of Hatred through Art. We invite artists to join the children of Jenin in an art exhibition titled: “Do not forget - Lebanon, July 2006!” The exhibition will reflect on the war in Lebanon and its relations and implications on the Palestinian cause. Artists are invited to send their works (paintings, animations, video-art, sound-installations, poems, letters, songs) to The Freedom Theatre, by e-mail or by post, no later then the 15th November. 

Freedom Theatre to open in Jenin refugee camp

Final preparations are under way for the opening of the Jenin refugee camp Freedom Theatre. The Freedom Theatre, inspired by activities initiated by Arna Mer-Khamis during the first Intifada, was established by residents of the Jenin refugee camp in cooperation with Palestinian activists and artists from Haifa and the Galilee, as well as activists from Sweden and Britain. The Freedom Theatre, a registered non-governmental organization, is planning on establishing within the near future a community-based cultural center that will house a large theatre, rehearsal rooms, a music studio, and a library.