Avraham Avinunu

Israeli shock as Sharon "comes out"

Yesterday Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon shocked his nation when he told them “You may not like the word, but what’s happening is occupation,” and he insisted that “holding 3.5 million Palestinians” against their will is bad for Israel and bad for the Palestinians. Today, BNN can reveal the truly shocking fact that for years Sharon has enjoyed dressing up as a Palestinian in private and he insists that his close friends call him “Abu Omri,” following the Palestinian tradition of calling someone after the name of their eldest son. 

Israeli army fears new Palestinian "Super Rock"

Defense Ministry sources revealed today that Israel’s army is struggling to meet the threat from a Palestinian “super rock” which it is feared will decimate Israel’s tank forces in the Occupied Territories. Israeli spokesmen have long defended the use of live ammunition, tanks and helicopters against Palestinian civilians who are either unarmed, or armed with rocks, by arguing that rocks, too, can be deadly. Avraham Avinunu reports for BNN