Amer Abdelhadi

Attempting to murder the truth

The wheel chairs took place at the front line. Wheel chairs carrying previously butchered victims of the Israeli brutality in the long occupation years. Angry protestors strolled along trying to control their anger by shouting loudly and screaming revenge at the continuing Israeli aggressions against Palestinians. The victim this time is Nazih Darwazeh. A cameraman working with Palestine TV and freelancing for Associated Press. 

Nablus: "Do you hear me?"

Due to the fact that the world is busy with the American war against the Middle East for no other reason other than to dominate the area, I thought I should enlighten those who have been making one excuse after another for Israel, which is lead by the so-called “a man of peace” by US President George Bush. “Do you hear me?” asks Amer Abdelhadi. 

Nablus: "What are the reasons?"

For everything that we do, there is a reason. For every aggression there should be a reason but what possible reason there could be for attacking Nablus the way it is being targeted now is totally puzzling. Amer Abdelhadi ponders recent Israeli violence in Nablus. 

Living war on day 242

Palestinians in Nablus today lived through a real war. A war you expect to see only in movies. Only difference here: we get to see it and watch for real. Amer Abdelhadi writes on day 242 from Nablus. 

The funeral of Shaden Abu Hijleh

Imagine losing a loved one suddenly and violently, and having to constrain yourself and not express any sadness or anger. It must be hard. Now imagine witnessing the murder of your own mother and finding yourself so contrained. You cannot do anything about it, you cannot find answers, and you have to save your own life. Amer Abdelhadi writes from Nablus about the plight of the family of Shaden Abu Hijleh.