Nablus: “What are the reasons?”

For everything that we do, there is a reason. For every aggression there should be a reason but what possible reason there could be for attacking Nablus the way it is being targeted now is totally puzzling.

We know that the Israeli army has been attacking Palestinian cities for a long time to drive people out and prepare to replace Palestinians with Jews from all over the world. We also know that the Israeli government has been rapidly building settlements on Palestinian lands ever since Israel was established on Palestinian soil. But what reason could there be for the violence that started several days ago?

The Israeli army raided the Old City and immediately began demolishing houses, shops, and an entire neighborhood. The rain was pouring and families were left in the freezing cold with their children and elderly. The shops that were demolished included a computer Internet service, a jeweler, and grocery stores, as well as private houses. In addition, all men in the area were arrested, beaten up, and taken to detention centers.

The attack took place even in the outskirts of Nablus. A café near Al Najah University was destroyed as were several houses belonging to people whom the Israeli army says are on their “wanted list”.

There have been no Palestinian attacks in Israeli cities for some time now. Nablus has been under very tight siege to the extent that not a single vehicle can enter Nablus, whatever it is carrying. Even food supplies are forbidden.

Last Saturday, the Palestinian police started working in the city for the first time since the occupation and curfews began, 246 days ago. Residents hoped that this was a sign that normal life would resume but the Israeli army returned, more vicious than ever before, to demolish both the city’s infrastructure and people’s spirits.

This Friday morning, while the Old City continues to be attacked by the Israeli army, a peaceful demonstration took place to denounce the targeting of Nablus. The reaction by the army was incomprehensible.

More than ten Merkava tanks were rushed to the city center accompanied by armored vehicles and jeeps. They opened fire seemingly randomly and without any specific targets.

Yesterday, an 11-year-old boy walking with his grandfather was shot and killed by a sniper bullet as he was returning home. His grandfather suffered a critical injury and later died in hospital.

As I am writing to you, my friends, some people are still stuck outside their houses unable to reach safety for the third consecutive days while others are waiting for the army to blow their residential houses up.

Some analysts think that the Israeli army will leave the city of Nablus in the coming few days. If this is true then what are the reasons behind this attack? Is it because they wish to leave such an unpleasant memory behind?

One thing the army has succeeded in doing is turning people’s minds from wanting peace to wanting revenge.

The world is watching, yet has done so little.

Amer Abdelhadi is general manager of Radio Tariq Al Mahabbeh, TMFM 97.7