Al Mezan Center For Human Rights

Thousands of Gaza houses destroyed and damaged by Israeli strikes

Today after midnight, IOF expanded its ground invasion in the south of Gaza City. Troops and tanks penetrated the southern Gaza-City neighborhood of Tel al-Hawa and stayed there for hours before withdrawing to the suburbs of al-Zahra town, south to Gaza City. The IOF had dropped thousands of leaflets ordering the residents of Tel al-Hawa to evacuate their homes. 

Israel's Gaza offensive death toll rises to 668

Al Mezan Center, which has maintained its monitoring activities throughout the current crisis, has collected evidence that the Israeli forces deliberately targeted civilian structures and medical teams. In its attacks, the Israeli military used missiles and shells that are laser-guided, which indicates that civilian targets were hit intentionally, and not collaterally as Israel alleges. 

Eighty-nine children and 30 women amongst Gaza's confirmed dead

On the 10th day of its aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has seriously escalated its military operations, targeting mostly civilian targets, particularly homes. Air strikes and artillery shells hit tens of homes. IOF also targeted medical facilities and ambulances. A Civil Defense team was hit as it tried to fight a fire following the bombardment of a clinic. 

Israeli forces bomb schools and mosque

Israeli attacks on Gaza have continued for an eighth day. The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) targeted more civilian objects. This includes bombardment of more houses and the Civil Defense building in Bani Suhaila town and the American School in northern Gaza. Air raids have also targeted open areas within the neighborhood, but particularly along the eastern and northern borders and the border between Gaza and Egypt. IOF’s naval vessels escalated their bombardment of Gaza’s beaches.