Audio: Islamic democracy and the "war on terror"

Radio Tadamon! speaks with the Washington editor of Harpers Magazine, Ken Silverstein, who recently published an article entitled, “Parties of God: The Bush doctrine and the rise of Islamic democracy,” which examines the current democratic developments in the Middle East within the context of the US supported “War on Terror.” Silverstein discusses the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in Palestine and Hizballah in Lebanon as examples the growing role of Islamic movements in democratic political systems in the Middle East. 

Audio: Crossing the Line interviews author Ramzy Baroud

This week on Crossing the Line: Independent journalist Ben White joins host Christopher Brown to discuss the Israeli Ministry of Education’s “inclusion” of the Palestinian Nakba into students’ textbooks. White points out a number of concerns regarding the supposed enlightenment of the Israeli school system and its broader implications. Next Brown speaks with author, editor and activist Ramzy Baroud on the notion of “peace talks” between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas, the continued exclusion of Hamas from talks with Israel and Fatah, and the neo-cons and AIPAC’s attempts to get Bush to go to war with Iran. 

Audio: Crossing the Line interviews journalist Glen Ford

This week on Crossing The Line: Host Christopher Brown speaks with Glen Ford of the about the ever-growing complicity of Black lawmakers with regards to the Israel/Palestine issue. The Congressional Black Caucus — at one time the conscious of the Congress — now does nothing to question Israel’s injustice against Palestinians. 

Audio: Crossing the Line interviews Nahr al-Bared nurse

This week on Crossing The Line: host Christopher Brown talks with Melad Salameh, a resident of Nahr al-Bared, who worked as a nurse while the fighting between militants of Fatah al-Islam and the Lebanese army raged on around him. Now living in the Baddawi refugee camp, Salameh talks about the lingering hope that they might be able to return to their homes in Nahr al-Bared. 

Audio: Crossing the Line interviews Ali Abunimah

This week on Crossing the Line: Ali Abunimah co-founder of The Electronic Intifada breaks down the hegemony of Israel and the United States in regards to supporting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah in the aftermath of Hamas’ takeover of Gaza. Plus Dr. Marcy Newman gives an update on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared. 

Audio: Crossing the Line interviews Osamah Khalil

This week on Crossing The Line: no time in the recent history of the Palestinian people has been so devoid of hope. As in the case of the dark days of the South African apartheid regime, Palestinians are faced with the decision to continue along factional lines or begin to form an umbrella body that has legitimacy both with the country and the international community. Host Chris Brown talks with Osamah Khalil, a doctoral candidate in US and Middle Eastern History at the University of California Berkeley about the need to rebuild the PLO and to rid the country of despotic leaders. 

Photostory: The Apartheid Wall

Four hundred kilometers and counting — for Jewish Israel the West Bank barrier represents a longed-for separation from Palestinians, couched in the comfortable narrative of security. But as its varied malign effects on Palestinian society become clear, the barrier along its chosen route is becoming an icon of dispossession, opportunism and brutality, exposing Israel’s willingness for Palestinians to pay the price for its own security and prosperity as an ugly choice. 

Audio: Crossing the Line interviews witness to killings of Palestinians by Lebanese Army

This week on Crossing the Line, host Chris Brown continues to focus on the ongoing crisis in the Palestine refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared located in northern Lebanon. This week Brown speaks with activist Caoimhe Butterly who is in Lebanon working with Palestinians who have been forced from their homes in Nahr al-Bared because of the fighting between the Lebanese Army and militants from Fatah al-Islam. Butterly speaks about an event she witnessed where two Palestinians were killed and 27 injured when the Lebanese Army opened fire on a non-violent protest organized by Nahr al-Bared residents wishing to return to their homes. 

Audio: Crossing the Line interviews USS Liberty survivor

This week on Crossing The Line: June 2007 marked 40 years of the anniversary of the 1967 War, when Israel began its occupation of the Palestinian territories. During their war with surrounding Arab countries, Israel also attacked one of its closest allies in the world, the US. In an event that has rarely been mentioned, Israel bombed the US Navy ship, the USS Liberty, for over two straight hours leaving Americans dead and injured. Crossing the Line host Chris Brown speaks with retired naval officer Dave Lewis who was aboard the USS Liberty and recalls the events which unfolded on that day, 8 June 1967. 

Audio: Crossing the Line gets reports from Nahr al-Bared

This week on Crossing The Line, as the crisis in the Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp enters its fifth week, host Chris Brown gets two reports from correspondents Dr. Marcy Newman and Sharif Bibi who are in Lebanon working with Palestinian refugees from Nahr al-Bared. Brown also speaks with Kathryn Webber, a student leader at DePaul University who is part of an ongoing protest to rescind the tenure denial of Professor Norman G. Finkelstein.