The story of a Palestinian grandmother

On Thursday, March 29th, 2002 , I knew that there will be re-occupation, and because we live right next to the governorate of Ramallah, where our president resides, I decided to move with my daughter and my granddaughter to my other daughter’s house. This was a house that we thought was safer, as it is located in the middle of Ramallah, and situated inside the Anglican Episcopalian compound. 

The television

A two year old girl, along with a growing number of other civilians, has been killed in a village where I have friends. Terrified people have been calling, telling us that they and their entire family are under a table and everything is exploding or asking to please help to get an ambulance because their wife’s breathing became so strained that she is miscarrying and close to bleeding to death. 

Ramallah update

Conditions worsen by the day. All of our attention is on Nablus and Jenin. As the world watches, these areas, esp Jenin Refugee Camp is being burned to the ground with its residents inside. Such actions anywhere else in the world by any other military force other than Israel would have moved the US to send troops to protect the civilians. But when only Palestinians are being killed I guess the powers-to-be can give a damn. The Palestinians will not forget this chapter of their history. 

Jenin refugee camp

I got a phone call from a friend in Jenin, his house overlooks the Jenin refugee camp. He told me that what he counted so far is more than 400 missiles fired by Apache helicopters at Jenin refugee camp. His friend inside the camp lost his son of 19 years old, Walid Ibrahim Said. His dead body is with him since two days, as they are unable to bury him or to carry him to the hospital. 

Diary of the Invasion of Ramallah

There was an announcement on Al-Jazeera (news station based in Qatar) that foreign governments were evacuating their essential personnel in Ramallah. The Israeli government warned them that they were planning another incursion into the West Bank towns, beginning with Ramallah. Several friends asked me if I wanted to leave, but I decided against it. I just moved here and I’m tired of going back and forth between Ramallah and Jerusalem. 

Reform and the Palestinian media

News about reforms in the Palestinian Authority (PA) come from Yasser Arafat’s headquarters, the only remaining section of the bombed out Mukata’a, the sixty-year old British built military compound in Ramallah, which has become an easy target for any Israeli offensive and a symbol for a nation under siege. 

Plunder in Ramallah

Evidence is mounting that the Israeli Army is stealing people’s belongings as they search homes. Even the very precious stores of foods that remain in Ramallah are being plundered. We have been hearing about this since the begining of this occupation on Friday the 29th of March, 2002. 

Ramallah, without water

The water issue is still outstanding in Ramallah. This morning the water crew was able to visit the pumping station after a lot of coordination with Israeli DCO (district coordinating office), even though most times even this coordination does not guarantee protection from Israeli soldiers and tanks. But the situation is so tense they tried to get some assurances that the Palestinian repair crew would not be injured.