Is anyone going to force Israel to stop?!


Al-Khadra Mosque, oldest mosque in Nablus, located at the southern entrance to the Old City was destroyed last night by Israeli forces in their continued military assault on Palestinian towns and cities. Bombardment by air and land continued throughout the night on the Old City of Nablus and on the Balata and Askr refugee camps. Eye witnesses report at least three helicopter gunships currently over the Balata refugee camp, firing missiles into these heavily populated civilians areas, and smoke rising from refugee homes on the edge of the camp.

11:00am: One 3 level home on the southern edge of the Balata refugee camp is currently on fire. It is not known exactly how many men, women and children are inside.


Contacts in the Jenin Camp report aerial bombardment throughout the night. Residents of the refugee camp are still without electricity and water. Food is in urgent need. Bulldozers continue to demolish to widen the roads for tanks to enter the camp.

Dr. Ali Jabareen of the main hospital in Jenin reports that their ambulances are still unable to move. He estimates approximately 30 dead in the Jenin refugee camp, but this is an estimate based on phone calls that they are receiving. They are still being denied access to the wounded and dead. “People are still lying in the streets and under the rubble of their homes. All we’re asking is that our medical relief and rescue apparatus be allowed to operate. We can’t move. “


Twenty-five foreign civilians still remain in the Presidential compound. Last night they reported unprovoked Israeli fire on the compound (no Palestinian return fire) and two tanks stationed within five meters of the doors of the compound. One Palestinian security guard had to be evacuated yesterday due to medical conditions, but was immediate arrested by Israeli soldiers. The internationals report no running water, very bad hygienic conditions, very little food, and a desperate need for medical supplies that the Israeli forces are not allowing to be delivered. They reiterate their calls for immediate international intervention. The internationals have phones inside the compounds but it’s very difficult to get a connection.

Ramallah and Bethlehem are still under total curfew. No one is moving in the streets. You can hear random explosions and sporadic tank and machine gun fire but it’s hard to know what is being hit. A couple of ambulances are still trying to respond to emergency calls but they are constantly being stopped and detained by Israeli soldiers. One UPMRC ambulance in Ramallah had its windows shot out by Israeli forces yesterday. There is an urgent need for water everywhere.