Civilians killed in Jenin

The curfew in Jenin was lifted mid-morning today. Two hours later, with no warning the army returned to the main city. The streets were still full of people trying to buy supplies before curfew was reimposed. Israeli soldiers opened fire on the crowd of people in the market and in the streets. Al-Razi Hospital has a dead 6 year old girl, Sujoud Mohammad Turki - shot in the head, and several more wounded, including Sujoud’s 12 year old brother and 2 1/2 year old sister, who went out with their father to buy food from the market.

The streets are still blocked by tanks, preventing people from moving back to places of safety. There are several internationals in the city. Some are trying to get to other hospitals in the area.

Two brothers, Ahmed Abu Aziz (6 years) and Jamil Abu Aziz (12 years) were just killed and a third brother injured when the Israeli army fired tank shells into the street where they were playing during an army-announced lifting of curfew. A third man, Hilal Shidah (52 years) was also killed in the same incident.

Ahmed Abu Aziz’s arm was blown off and both his legs severly ripped into. He died instantly. Jamil was taken into the emergency operating room, but died after 15 minutes. The boys’ father is an ambulance driver at the Jenin Government Hospital.

The Israeli army is announcing to the residents of Jenin that the curfew is lifted until 6pm tonight, and they can come out of their homes.


Sujoud Mohammad Turki- 6 yrs old
Ahmed Yousef Abu Aziz - 6 years old
Jamil Yousef Abu Aziz - 12 years old
Hilal Mustafa Mahmoud Shidah - 50 years old


Nael Mohammad Turki - 12 years old
Sheva Ahmed Turki Fahmawi - 2.5 years old
Hassan Amin al-Tamimi - 16 years old (bullet in head)
Khaled Taha Ahmed - 42 years
Diab Mahmoud Al-Staty - 20 years
Hassan Abu-Zaid (serious condition/shot in chest) - 27 years old
Tarek Yousef Abu Aziz - age unknown : Massive injuries to chest, liver and stomach. Currently in surgery and in critical condition, but expected to live.