Jenin refugee camp

I got a phone call from a friend in Jenin, his house overlooks the Jenin refugee camp. He told me that what he counted so far is more than 400 missiles fired by Apache helicopters at Jenin refugee camp.

His friend inside the camp lost his son of 19 years old, Walid Ibrahim Said. His dead body is with him since two days, as they are unable to bury him or to carry him to the hospital.

They are NOW removing some houses at the eastern entrance of the camp to widen the street to make a space to their tanks to enter. The Palestinian armed men stopped shooting for 20 minutes to enable some women and children and elderly to go and fetch some water.

They were arrested by the army and used as human shields in front of the tanks. The Apache helicopter shot at the oxygen section in Jenin hospital to destroy it. So many bodies are scattered in the narrow alleys of the camp that need to be taken to the hospital.

It is impossible for the camp residents to help the injured, anybody approaches them the Israelis shoot at. The Red Cross declared that they will ‘minimize’ the movement of their medical staff because it is very risky for them to move.

This massacre has to be stopped immediately. Contact any medical groups you know of, to protest, to demonstrate in front of the Red Cross, to announce partial strikes, to pressure the Israeli government to allow medical aid for the injured and removal of the corpses from the street.

Act now, immediately please, Kamel, told me that they estimate the number of killed or corpses in the Jenin camp at not less than 100.