A requiem for the damned

I no longer believe there should be a Jewish State, and the millions of Palestinians who have long recognized Israel’s existence and hoped that some recompense for their 54 years of suffering might come from repeatedly kissing the asses of their white colonial masters here and in the US are rightly questioning why they’re still doing it. 

The Invasion - Part III

The nicest thing about the morning of April 3 was the discovery that electricity existed again. This meant working television. Television meant news. News meant information from outside the confines of the Bethlehem Star Hotel. 

How to cover up war crimes?

There is a growing concensus that Israel’s actions suggest an intention to hide evidence of war crimes committed in Jenin refugee camp. Reports from eyewitnesses speak of horror. We’re not thinking of apartheid-South Africa now, but we fear atrocities of Slobodan Milosovic. 

Ramallah: City in rage

It is becoming more and more difficult to write as Israel’s war crimes start to become known to the public. I started this day by distributing an article written almost a year ago. Let me draw your attention to another one I wrote, again about a year ago. 

No witnesses

The woman from Jenin refugee camp said, ‘we couldn’t see what was happening so we looked through the window, we were terrified in case they shot at us.’ 

Asphalt Turned into Dust

Tuesday, April 9, a convoy of 14 international representatives and 9 national relief agencies were allowed to enter into Nablus to deliver needed medical supplies and food to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). The supplies will be distributed to those who are in need.