International Women's day

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, 8 March, OMCT would like to express its concern over the worldwide prevalence of violence against women, and in particular over the high levels of violence against Palestinian women in Israel and the Occupied Territories. 

'There can be no viable prospects for peace in the region without the full respect for human rights'

Today, the situation continues to deteriorate in a cycle where violence begets violence and where no viable prospects for peace are apparent. Given the fact that the situation continues to worsen, OMCT wonders how far conditions must deteriorate before the International Community reacts with all the urgency that the situation requires. 


Further reports from Ramallah state that, in addition to those being rounded up in Al Bireh, Israeli soldiers have been calling for males, in some areas between the age of 14 - 40, to ‘surrender’ themselves in other areas of Ramallah. House to house raids continue, and those detained are also being held in classrooms in nearby schools and, in one instance, a bakery in lower Ramallah. None of those detained from yesterday or today have been released, so it is unclear what their current situation is. The number of detainees is yet not known.