OMCT is outraged by Israel’s attitude towards the UN’s decisions.

The World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) notes with great concern the Israeli Government’s systematic negative attitude towards decisions made by the United Nations Security Council concerning the prevailing situation in the Middle East.

In fact, the Fact Finding mission set up by a unanimous resolution of the Security Council to shed light on the events having taken place in Jenin, has been the object of incessant wrangling on behalf of the Israeli authorities, ultimately leading to its dissolution by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Israeli and Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations that are members of the OMCT network, have regularly addressed the Secretary General concerning extremely serious allegations about the Israeli army’s behaviour in the Occupied Territories, most particularly in the case of the siege of Jenin. Consequently, OMCT was waiting for the Fact Finding mission’s inquiry to give an indisputable picture of what had really happened, in order to hush all unverifiable rumours.

OMCT reiterates that the Israeli authorities have, for decades, continuously ignored the numerous resolutions produced by the Security Council as well as refused, against all evidence to the contrary, to admit the applicability of the 4th Geneva Convention.

In consequence, OMCT launches an appeal to the Israeli Government to respect the United Nations’ resolutions in the future, an attitude that is expected from any country claiming to be democratic.

OMCT also appeals to the United Nations to ensure that in the future it is in possession of the means required to enforce the respect of its resolutions, and to avoid that this shameful precedent be used systematically to paralyse the Security Council’s decisions.