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“The Electronic Intifada … purveys hatred.”

The words quoted above were written by two members of the far-right, overtly racist Dutch Freedom Party of Geert Wilders in an official question at the European Parliament earlier this year.

Have you noticed that whenever Palestinians try to tell their own history, or share their stories, ideas and hopes, they are increasingly dehumanized, or accused of spreading “hate?”

These elected officials wanted to cut off our funds – which they suggested falsely were coming from the European Union. In fact, The Electronic Intifada gets no support from any governments or the EU. But uncovering the truth was not their priority.

This smear campaign was part of a worldwide effort orchestrated by Israel and its apologists to suppress the growing Palestine solidarity movement and silence independent media including The Electronic Intifada, under the guise of fighting the “delegitimization of Israel.”

It was in response to such gross distortion and defamation that The Electronic Intifada was founded in 2001. Unhappily for those who want to silence us, The Electronic Intifada is still here exposing their tactics and educating, informing and inspiring thousands of people around the world every day. And it’s all thanks to the support of readers like you.

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The Electronic Intifada is an essential resource for the Palestine solidarity movement and people everywhere interested in accurate news and insightful analysis that you can’t get anywhere else. Undaunted by the efforts to silence us, we follow the stories wherever they lead, and we provide a forum for groundbreaking ideas and debates.

Thanks to the work our readers made possible, we had more readers than ever before in 2011 – 21 percent more visitors and 30 percent more visits. That means that more than a million unique individuals around the world – thousands of people a day – will read The Electronic Intifada this year. We’re aiming even higher in 2012!

Here’s just some of the great work our readers’ donations helped us to do this year:

  • We relaunched The Electronic Intifada with better looking, more-readable pages, a new mobile site and improved search. And more improvements are coming in 2012!

  • Original reportage highlighted the human impact of Israeli occupation and apartheid on Palestinians of every generation, from baby Nouralden Abbassi, denied residency in Jerusalem, the city of his birth, to Amr Qawasme, a grandfather murdered in his bed by Israeli occupation forces in Hebron.

Remember, it’s your financial support that gives us the means and independence to report these important stories. So, please, donate now. And, we did so much more.

Investigative reporting the world can’t ignore.

These are just some of the reasons you should make a donation right now. Still need more?

  • We blew open hoaxes and frauds, from the fake “Gay girl in Damascus” to a mysterious video falsely claiming that last summer’s Gaza Freedom Flotilla had rejected some activists because of homophobic discrimination. We showed the video was fake, identified the Israeli actor in it pretending to be an American activist, and traced its distribution back to a staffer in the Israeli prime minister’s office.

  • We covered the misuse of legal systems to silence Palestinian voices. Our reporters were at the trial of the Irvine 11 – the ten students prosecuted for protesting the Israeli ambassador’s speech at the University of California – and the court hearings in the UK for Raed Salah, the popular Palestinian leader arrested due to false information provided by pro-Israel groups. We work with reporters in many countries and we are committed to providing even more original coverage of important stories anywhere in the world.

  • There are so many other stories our readers’ support helped The Electronic Intifada publish, from arts features, book reviews, op-eds and interviews with newsmakers and thinkers including Alice Walker, Janan Abdu, Ameer Makhoul, Ilan Pappe, and Mazin Qumsiyeh.

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