Random harassment and death…

Yesterday at 6:30 a.m., in a joint patrolling operation, Israeli army Special Unit teams along with Israeli Policemen and Israeli Border Police members stormed into a Palestinian house at Salwan Village, near Jerusalem.

Mr. Khader Abdelfatah Ar-Rajjabi, 55 years old, was returning from his work at a bakery when the patrol units broke his door with a hammer. The soldiers stopped him and when his son tried to enquire about what was happening his son was shot with three live bullets in his hand and shoulder.

All 28 people residing in the three-storyed building were harassed and most of them were severely beaten by the troops, including children and the 55 year old father. The soldiers threw tear gas inside the house causing suffocation to most of the residents, especially the children.

Due to the severe beating and tear gas inhalation Mr. Khader Abdelfatah Ar-Rajjabi died on the scene. For one hour and half the military/policemen units prevented medical rescuers from providing medical care to the bleeding son and to the suffocating children and also from removing the corpse of the deceased father. The targeted family stated they have no clue why they were victims of such a brutal incursion.