Radio Tadamon! reflects on Lebanon war

A protest in Montreal against Israel’s war in Lebanon, August 2006. (Aaron Lakoff)

This special edition of Radio Tadamon!, a monthly hour-long radio program broadcasted in Montreal and uploaded to the Internet, focuses on commemorating the July 2006 Israeli military assault on Lebanon. The 34-day war left over 1,300 Lebanese civilians dead, large parts of the national infrastructure destroyed and southern Lebanon littered with over a million unexploded cluster bombs.

The program features multiple testimonies and reflections on the 2006 war on Lebanon recorded at a Montreal community commemoration event that attracted hundreds of participants from the Montreal region.

Also included in the program is an interview with May Hayder, a Lebanese community organizer in Montreal with Al-Hidaya Association who touches on a number of key issues regarding the current political turmoil in the Middle East, from the history of conflict between Israel and the Arab world, to the impact of the 2006 war on Lebanon on the Lebanese Diaspora in Canada and finally to the designation of Hizballah as a terrorist organization in Canada.

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    This radio report was produced for Radio Tadamon! by independent journalist Stefan Christoff. Radio Tadamon! is a project of Tadamon! (meaning “solidarity” in Arabic), a Montreal-based collective of social justice organizers and media activists, working to build relationships of solidarity with grassroots political movements for social and economic justice between Beirut and Montreal.

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