Radio Tadamon! Israel Attacks Gaza & Lebanon

As the Israeli military launched a major military assault on Lebanon and the ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip Radio Tadamon! visited the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut. Voices featured in this episode of Radio Tadamon! draw parallels between the escalating military attacks on Lebanon and the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Over 300 civilians have lost their lives in the Israeli assault on Lebanon which has targeted the national infrastructure of the country including all major highways and bridges throughout the south of the country. While in the Gaza Strip it has been estimated by the Palestinian Human Rights Protection Center [PCHR] that over 70 Palestinian has died and more than 230 have been wounded during the recent Israeli military incursion.

A picture of Beirut’s southern suburbs after one week of Israeli missile strikes. [Photo: Information Clearing House]

Israeli troops entered Southern Lebanon and besieged Beirut after members of Hezbollah captured two soldiers from Northern Israel. While in the Gaza Strip Palestinian resistance factions continue to hold an Israeli soldier, while maintaining the demand that Israel release all women & children prisoners incarcerated in Israeli jails. In Lebanon Hezbollah is calling for the release of Lebanese prisoners from Israeli jails in return for the captured soldiers.

This episode of Radio Tadamon! was produced by Mohammed Shublaq, Dima Ayoub, Jackson Allers & Stefan Christoff of the Tadamon! collective in Beirut Lebanon.

Voices featured in this episode are from the refugee camps of Mar-Elias, Burj el-Barajneh and Chatila, in and around Beirut. Featuring the voices of:

* NOHAD HAMMAD: coordinator of Al-Najdeh Association a Palestinian women’s NGO that works in & around the refugee camps

* MARIAM BAIDOUN: volunteer with Al-Najdeh Association.

* SOUHEIL el-NATOUR: spokes-person for the DFLP [Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine] and coordinator of the Palestinian Human Rights Protection Center.

* SHADI FADDA: founder of ‘Today in Palestine’ news service.

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